3 Steps for that ultimately healthy open relationship

The term open relationship has gained much momentum in recent years! It is an extremely broad term and that gives shade to ample subcategories. An open relationship is a relationship where a couple, with mutual consent, decides that they will be in a non-monogamous relationship. They are both allowed to be physically intimate with other people but emotional intimacy has to be kept sacred in such a relationship.

Open relationships can be perplexing and unhealthy for both emotional and physical health, if not put up by the rules. So, if you are planning for an open relationship, then here is a 3 step guide that will assist you in keeping your open relationship healthy.

Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the key to flourishing your open relationship. To settle your relationship in the most comfortable form, it is of utmost importance that you keep the air clear about your needs [especially emotional and sexual]. Honest and open communication not only builds a passage of trust but also makes you feel safer and more secure. This level of honesty can be scary but it is vital to keep the relationship healthy. Even if you won’t be able to make that open aspect of your relationship work, sticking by the honesty won’t hurt you and your happiness in any form.

Avoid jealousy

Be it transition or an open from the beginning- it is quite imperative to evaluate your feelings. A lot of people might experience jealousy during the initial stage of an open relationship, after all, such relationships put forth our insecurities and possessiveness that we might not know we have. But, keeping a tab on these feelings and learning how to deal with them is crucial as it can outweigh your open relationship. People usually overcome these initial feelings when they become more comfortable in the relationship but if you constantly feel longing jealousy then it is a sign that an open relationship isn’t the right thing for you

Set parameters

Setting boundaries to make such a relationship work is quintessential but formulating clear rules is the key to going healthily. For instance, discussing the number of partners you can have, the time duration for your open relationship activities, do you have the freedom to explore more relationships, is this a permanent thing or are you just doing it for a while? Discussing such things with your partner ensures that you both are on the same page and it will save you both from any kind of confusion, disputes and anger. These parameters can be altered with time but opening up your relationship with such small things not only make your partner feel respected but also keep you both on the right track

No rule of thumb can go with every open relationship. Like any other relationship, it takes proper communication and attention to make things work healthily. Make sure to communicate well and keep things clear with each other so that non-monogamy can prosper happily.

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