4 Tips to eat finger food at a restaurant

Whenever you are in a fancy restaurant, you can’t help but feel self-conscious. No matter how well-versed you might be with table manners, somehow you do feel that you are creating a mess and everybody is judging you while you are struggling with the food! Especially when it comes to finger food, it can be quite tricky to eat it without a struggle

Finger food can include any kind of food that doesn’t require cutlery. For example, french fries, quiche, onion rings, crackers, prosciutto tarts, etc. So we have some easy tips that you can follow while eating such food at a restaurant

While eating finger food, be sure to keep a napkin next to you. This will help you to hold the finger food in your hand without creating a mess and also help in managing the crumbs of it, if any.


If the food has been served on skewers or on toothpicks, make sure to pick it up by the stick and avoid using your hands to pick up the finger food.


You can always use a fork or spoon to eat certain foods, but when it comes to finger foods such as pizza, it might seem a little odd to use fancy cutlery. At such times, be very careful while taking a bite of the pizza slice that is filled with toppings. Be sure to not spill any of the sauce or toppings on your shirt and keep the slice as straight as possible while taking a bite


Once you’re done eating the food, no matter how delicious it may be, resist the urge to lick your fingers! Use a napkin instead to get rid of the residue from your hands



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