6 tips to grab a chicken dinner on PUBG mobile


Anything Epic can do, PUBG Corp can do better. Or at least that’s what the rapid launch of PUBG mobile in the West feels like, with Fortnite mobile still being invite only and PUBG mobile coming out so quickly, and unexpectedly afterwards. While this might make you think that PUBG’s mobile offering would be a little rough around the edges, it really feels quite good, without too many issues.

It isn’t quite the same as Fortnite’s mobile port, and there isn't cross-platform play, but this still feels like the PUBG we all know and love. The map, weapons and rules are the same, but the visuals are lower quality, the controls are very different and many building layouts have been changed to make it run smoother on less powerful devices.

But it’s still thoroughly enjoyable, and the satisfaction of getting a win is as good as it is on PC or Xbox One, so it’s certainly worth investing some time into the mobile version if you want that PUBG fix. 

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