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Writing Vision

The vision granted to me came at the lowest time of my life. Suffering from pain that morphed into addiction, I became depressed and suicidal.

One day, when I was meditating, a still small voice whispered to my heart and said, You have two hands and you can talk. What the heck does that mean? Then it hit me! I can write and I can speak! Well, I can speak with my fingers.

Overwhelmed with the import of this revelation, I had many questions. What am I to do next? Where do I start? What do I write? How do I reach out? I took it slow and started meditating. Over time bits and pieces, inspirations, and awareness dawned in my life.

People appeared to guide and direct me through their stories. My husband helped a man whose car broke down and he built a website for me. Another dear friend gave me a computer. The puzzle pieces began dropping into place.

Then I found my writing community. Or they found me.

But I was afraid.

Writing Fears

I have many fears about writing. I think I know what to write, but I do not know how. After critiquing one of my articles, the editor asked if I had intended to use a past participle in one of the sentences.


I don’t know what that is. The fear of looking stupid caused me to hesitate writing any more drafts. I need to go back to elementary school. Then, my granddaughter brought home a grammar book. To put it simply, I devoured it.

Now I know what a past participle is. A verb that ends in -ed. Ha! What a relief. I am proud to say I graduated third grade.

I, also, fear the degeneration of my brain cells. I have diabetes and my doctor told me diabetes will eventually destroy my neural pathways. No! I want my neurotransmitters to live and thrive!

I fear I cannot articulate through my fingers what I see in my mind. I know words exist in me. I see them peeking at the corners of my eyes. When I look, they dissipate. I think my words are shy. I try to coax them out, shepherd them forth, but sometimes they run away.

Why do these fears snake through my imagination? I must kill these snakes, grab them, and slice off their heads. I don’t fear the bites. I've been bitten so many times, I am immune.

Now, I can look at the present going forward.

Writing Forward

After much study, I planned 5 steps to help me write. It is a simple, yet effective program I am following. My writing community provided a framework, and I tailored it to work for me.

  1. My writing journey will become sacred. I will embark on a pilgrimage to discover the Kingdom of Words.

2. I will create a sacred space to conduct my journey.

3. I will breathe in and out deeply to oxygenate my brain.

4. I will use 2 methods to structure my articles, PSST and KISS.

5. I will pray, meditate, and look inside my soul for direction.

I know my writing is simple, however; I am ecstatic that my words will grow and develop over time. Maybe these easy steps will help you to articulate your thoughts, and write articles that will amaze and inspire others on their journey too.

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