A celebrity dietician reveals how alternate day fasting

Each year we see several wellness trends with every second person planning a healthy diet. But most of them tend to fail to adapt to it in the long run. Therefore, today we have a celebrity dietician and nutritionist Swati Bathwal’s insight on a wellness plan that doesn’t just focus on new year but the time to come. She strongly recommends that you do not need to follow any crash plans as they are short term.

However, there is one diet and fasting method that has been an area of interest to health experts and health practitioners as it has shown some remarkable health benefits in increasing longevity and the quality of life. In case you’re wondering which type of fast, then read on.


The Miraculous Alternate Day Fast

You should know that restricting calories every day is difficult and not practical. In India we follow Ekadashi fast, Navratri and so on. But if you are looking at a long-term weight loss and a maintenance plan, then opt for an alternate day fast regime. In this plan you follow restricting calories, every alternate day or alternate week for a month. So, basically you fast from 8pm on day one till 8am on day 3

Benefits of this style of fasting

  1. This type of fast turns on the metabolic switch because our body burns fat between 18 and 24 hour period.
  2. This way you no longer feel constantly hungry as some people eat a lot more when on extreme calorie restricted diets.
  3. This shows as great health benefits as a 5:2 diet or Intermittent Fasting diet.
  4. People can change the regime to Alternate week fast instead of Alternate Day Fast.

    What to consume during your fast

    During the fasting state you can have plenty of herbal teas like green tea, herbal decoctions. Consume non-starchy vegetables in the form of soup and salad and eat 3-4 different coloured fruits and 30gm mixed nuts. In a Non-fasted state, you can relish a well-balanced diet with protein, vegetables, healthy fats and carbohydrates. But if you socialize and end up eating your favorite meal or two, then do not feel guilty. 

    By doing an Alternate day fast for 1-2 months followed by a maintenance plan, your New Year’s Resolution will be accomplished!

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