A dreamy wedding mood board for couples choosing a champagne and blush theme

When planning a dreamy fairy-tale wedding, brides are often drawn the most romantic hue on the color palate. So if blush is your choice for your nuptials, then infuse a bit of sparkle in it with a champagne and blush theme. Many covet a thoughtfully planned mood board for their ceremony, as it ensures a great start to planning their event. So peruse through this write-up for some glorious decor ideas for your ideal wedding mood board.

Opt for champagne hued table settings

While you may be tempted to explore a pink theme for your table settings, gold may work as a safer choice. Add a touch of elegance to your table setting with gold and ivory rimmed plates. You can opt for glittery champagne hued centerpieces to complete the look.

A blush themed seating lounge


While the entrance decorations and floral mandap are crucial elements, you must also focus on a stunning seating area for your wedding guests. Electing a blush theme for this allows you lots of scope to use flowy pink satin in the decor or even festoon the lounge with fresh pink roses. You can then choose gorgeous love seats for an intimate setting or plush pink sofas in the lounge

Light up the venue with glittering gold chandeliers


Now that you have the blush element covered, you can influse champagne accents into the venue with the lighting options. Having beautiful chandeliers glittering over the seating lounge is a great way to add a constrast to the pink blooms in the seating area. Alternatively, you can opt for ornate gold lamps that light up your venue with a touch of baroque

Whether you have a winter ceremony or a spring wedding coming up, these colors never go out of style. So we hope these ideas serve as inspiration to let you plan the wedding of your dreams!

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