GTA Online The Contract DLC Out with New Weapons, Vehicles and Other Improvements

GTA Online has received a new DLC that includes new vehicles, weaponry, and other enhancements

The Contract, the most recent update for GTA Online, not only added more methods for players to make money, but also provided them with some new gadgets to spend their newly acquired cash on. The free addition adds a slew of new vehicles and weaponry to the game, albeit not all of them are available through the normal online merchants. Players who have abandoned the game due to boredom will now have several compelling reasons to return

What’s New in GTA Online: The Contract DLC

Players meet GTA 5 protagonist Franklin Clinton, who is now one of Los Santos' most prominent hustlers, in GTA Online: The Contract. He is now the manager of F. Clinton & Partner, a firm that helps celebrities with their problems.

Players will collaborate with Lamar Davis, Chop the Dog, and Imani, a proficient hacker. They need to assist Dr. Dre in recovering his stolen phone, which includes unique and unreleased songs. There's also the Record A Studios, a new music studio where gamers can meet Dr. Dre

New Vehicles


This update adds 17 new automobiles to the ever-growing Grand Theft Auto Online racing scene. Only seven of them are available to buy right now via in-game websites, with the remainder being unlocked throughout the GTA Online The Contract event weeks. Nonetheless, all of the cars are light and fast, so gamers who want to press the pedal to the metal and travel from point A to point B as rapidly as possible should check out the following rides.

Legendary Motorsport's fleet of seven new vehicles, including the Lampadati Cinquemila sedan and the Pegassi Ignus, are also available to play with. The Agency's Vehicle Workshop has new Imani Tech modifications for the Dewbauchee Champion supercar, Bravado Buffalo STX muscle car, Enus Deity sedan, and Enus Jubilee SUV. Slick Mines, Armor, and Machine Guns are basic Agency requirements.

New Weapons


The Contract's new weaponry, on the other hand, is a different matter. For $430,000, players can purchase the Heavy Rifle from their local Ammunition. The remaining two weapons are only available after a $720,000 Armory upgrade for the Agency building is acquired.

To get their hands on the compact EMP launcher and stun gun, players must first purchase the Armory, following which they can customise both. Players can also get a discount on the Heavy Rifle by purchasing it and customising it in their Agency's Armory.

Other New Additions in the DLC


New Pause Menu Awards and Daily Objectives have been added to GTA Online. Daily costs for property and business have also been reduced. Completing Auto Shop Contracts, Customer Deliveries, and Exotic Exports Shipments now earns players LS Car Meet notoriety. Meanwhile, the security capacity of the Nightclub and Arcade has been increased. New apparel and accessories, such as new coats, sweaters, and hoodies, baseball hats, and tattoos, are now available. At the barber, players can get new face paints and hairstyles


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