Indonesian desserts you should try at least once in your life

When in Southeast Asia, you probably gravitate toward the savory offerings, but Indonesia also has a wonderful collection of desserts that you must try. The desserts like Getuk and Ku Kueh are bursting with flavor and come in stunning colors. Indonesian desserts are also packed with exotic ingredients and use a lot of coconut milk and palm sugar. If you’d like to savor the true taste of Indonesia, then indulge your sweet tooth with these dishes.

  1. Klepon or Indonesian Sweet Rice Cakes

One of the best desserts you can try in Bali, Klepon are small green-hued balls that are coated with shredded coconut. What’s intriguing is that this dish has various names in diverse regions of Indonesia, but the flavor remains similar. It is called Onde-Onde in Sulawesi or Sumatra and tends to treat your palate to a generous dose of coconut sugar

  1. Traditional Ang Ku Kueh

This exciting dessert is conventionally shaped like a red turtle. It is greatly influenced by Chinese cooking, but was called Ang Ku Ku for decades. Tradition says, you must make this dish if you crave prosperity and joy in your life. It was initially made during new year, but is now had anytime. It’s core ingredient is mung bean paste.

  1. Wajik

A sweet that is served at Indonesian weddings, Wajik can be traced back to the 1500s. Shaped like a diamond, this dish uses sticky rice, coconut sugar and coconut milk. Although it’s hard to find, you may be able to procure this in one of Java’s street markets

  1. Getuk

A lovely starchy dessert, Getuk has been made for generations and is essentially Javanese. Its core ingredient is cassava and it also requires grated coconut and a sweetener like sugar. While Getuks are savory, others are sweet and they are fashioned in a myriad of colors

  1. Pai Susu Bali

This is probably a dessert you shall love if you adore a nice custard tart. The Pai Susu Bali is made from milk custard and is far thinner than a usual tart. It has a sinful jelly-like center you shall love and crisp pastry surrounding it. It is made with many different toppings like cheese, raisins, strawberries, or even chocolate



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