Korean BBQ recipes that you simply must try

There’s nothing quite as charming as a Korean barbeque party in the summer. It is quite the tradition in Korea for people to get together with their friends or even co-workers for a camping trip to national parks and mountains in the warmer seasons. This sets the perfect stage for their famous BBQ parties where you grill lots of meat with special sauces like gochujang and chilli paste. If you’re planning a quick backyard Korean BBQ party then you must consider these recipes for your cookout.

  1. Jeyuk Bokkeum or Spicy Pork (alternatively chicken) 

The only thing more popular than beef at a Korean BBQ is spicy pork bulgogi. These are also marinated in a gochujang laced sauce. Your Jeyuk Bokkeum or spicy pork will have loads of garlic and ginger for a punch of flavor. However, if you do not eat pork, you can make this using boneless chicken meat. Simply slice the chicken breast thinly and use it in place of pork slices in the recipe. This dish is best served with a side of coleslaw salad, grilled vegetables like peppers and cucumbers or even a fresh salad with nuts and greens

  1. Vegan Korean BBQ with oyster mushrooms, eggplant and tofu

Should you be averse to meat, then you do have options to enjoy Korean vegan fare. Simply bring home some delectable oyster mushrooms, brinjals and paneer (if you are vegetarian) or tofu. Then use this recipe for a vegan BBQ to host some friends over for a supremely tasty BBQ. As this marinade is no-fuss and easy to prepare, you can grill these veggies up in no time at all!

  1. Gochujang saewu gui or Spicy Shrimp

At times all you need is one exemplary sauce to elevate a dish, and this is precisely what gochujang sauce does. Better known globally as Korean red chili pepper paste, you just need to include 2-3 spoons of this to your marinade to create the perfect spicy grilled shrimp. If you’re curious about the flavour palate of this recipe, you should know that gochujang is savory, laced with lots of pepper, mildly saccharine and with a punch of spice.


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