New year fitness resolution wish for the health freak in you

This year promise to yourself to stay committed to your penned down workout plan. Ensure that you satisfy yourself by ticking off all your new year resolutions. To kickstart a dedicated workout journey we bring to you some effective gym equipment. Now you can enjoy your workout sessions just like a gym sitting at home. Schedule your timetable and please the health freak in you in a jiffy. No need to juggle with time, rather you can workout at your own convenience. Scroll down to snatch a glimpse of your workout companions

1. Mini Stepper

If you dream of sexy long legs, tightened hips, slendered arms and charming waist, then this mini stepper is all that you need. It is concise and occupies less space. It has a small LCD display and non-slip pedals. Made up of stainless steel, this gym companion of yours will help you to keep a track of your pink health.

2. 5-Tube Pull Rope


This pull rope has 4 resistance bands set. The pounds of every band vary from one another. You can experience the sheer bliss of bull body workout sitting at home. You can adjust the appropriate strength of the band and enjoy a kick ass workout session. You can train your muscles, trim your tummy, burn fat, strengthen your biceps, triceps and thighs. You are not so away from attaining a curvy figure with this pull rope in your hands

3. Yoga Mat


Yoga mat is a must have if you want to start working on your body as soon as possible. This yoga mat is skid and sweat proof. Now you can workout on the floor with ease. It ensures grip and offers comfort. This mat comes with a free skipping rope and a bag.

4. Gym Ball


A gym ball is suitable for carrying out multiple exercises. You can do pilates, yoga and stretching with this gym ball. If you want to develop your overall body muscles then this ball will be perfect for heavy exercising. The ball comes with an inflating pump. It is a ball that provides instant pain relief and long-lasting comfort for all your workout sessions

5. Hand Grip Strengthener


This hand grip strengthener provides various resistance levels ranging from 22 to 132 lbs. It is a great tool if you want to strengthen your fingers, wrist, elbows and forearms. It also has an adjustable grip strengthener that ensures optimal exercise results. It is the most ideal gym tool that fits in every small or large hands. What great fun to optimise strength, power and speed of your hands. 

You are not too away from attaining a perfect curvy shape. This new year focus on yourself and stay dedicated to your fitness resolution wish. Grab these tools and slide into your activewear, throw on your exercising shoes and get started to a relaxing workout session sitting at home

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