Offbeat food trends you're most likely to see in 2022

Much like the world of fashion, the culinary world too sees trends going out with the old and in with the new. Remember how cronuts and cocktails laced with liquid nitrogen were in vogue a little over a year ago? Well, the trends are shifting with the sands of time and we’re here to bring you all that’s likely to trend in 2022 on the culinary landscape. So, take a look at offbeat food fads that you might witness in the coming year

Potato milk

For those who are going vegan, there are more options to explore than just soy milk or almond milk. Potato milk is a healthier option that ensures you consume fewer calories. It is also a type of vegan milk that you can easily make at home. This makes it ideal for those who do not wish to consume processed or packaged food and beverages

Borderless Cuisine

In a hope of being more inclusive of people’s palates and cooking styles across borders, borderless cuisine has surged forward. While food authentic to a particular cuisine is still cherished, there are fusion foods that are being embraced that do justice to both cuisines. This could be anything from a restaurant that serves sushi along with south Indian fare to a food outlet that specialises in North Indian food but also has pizza and pasta on the menu. Borderless cuisines also has two cuisines married to produce fusion dishes that appeal to people from both segments


You may be aware of vegetarianism and veganism, but reducetarianism is a new trend that you may see in 2022. This is a trend where individuals aren’t really vegetarian or vegan. Yet, their goal is to consume fewer dishes of meat, dairy, and poultry so as to benefit the environment. So, even though they may have almond milk or choose dairy-free nutritional yeast instead of cheese; they would at times eat meat or ribs. However, they would attempt to consume less of meat and dairy for a more flexible approach to food that does not deny them items they crave


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