Struggling With Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur struggling with establishing your business? If you are the first businessman in the family, set out for greatness with your unique business idea, you must be seeking invaluable advice from the experts in the field. After all, no book knowledge can defeat the experience of a field professional.

Here are some precious pieces of advice offered by entrepreneurs who may have begun small, but are now millionaires

1. Kendra Scott, the founder of Kendra Scott.

This passionate and motivated girl set down the foundation of Kendra Scott, a jewelry company back in 2002 with just $500. She discovered a niche for affordable jewelry characterizing gemstones. Now her accessories brand boasts of 108 stores across the USA and one in London. She has been accoladed by Forbes as a self-made Billionaire woman.


She insists that you should not take rejection to heart when pursuing your dreams. She, too, was discouraged by many of her acquaintances who quite vehemently told her that no fashion brand can survive out of New York or Los Angeles. Yet, she stood strong and planted her roots in Austin, from where she rose to success

2. Holly Parker, founder of The Holly Parker Team

Holly Parker, now 48, has 25 years of experience as a real estate salesperson, in which she has earned over $8 million.


The most precious advice she has to offer is from her father, who taught her that there is no easy passage to success. He insisted that one should work hard, and ultimately, that’s how you can get achieve what you’ve spent your life dreaming of

3. Sam Dogen, the creator of Financial Samurai

An investment banker who obtained an experience of 13 yrs working at Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs, saved about 50%-80% of his after-tax income and enjoyed an early retirement at 34 years of age.


He encouraged everyone to save a large share of income for retirement. He critiqued that unless saving requires you to make a conscious effort and limit your expenditure, you aren’t saving enough. He insisted that to enjoy a comfortable retirement, you must save aplenty

The Lesson

These are a set of precious pieces of advice that are bred out of experiences in the field. An easy route to success is learning from the experience of those who are a step ahead so that you don’t make the same mistakes that they did. Never let the history of somebody’s failure repeat itself.

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