Things that you should never ask your new girlfriend

A new relationship is all about having butterflies in your tummy and violin being played in the background. From the excitement of going out on a date to spending hours together discussing nothing, a new relationship definitely gives many a never-to-be-felt again feeling.

However, a new relationship is not only exciting but just as delicate as well. This calls for extra caution, especially during the initial days of the relationship, as even a slight error can bring sourness into your new relationship and it can be really hard to rectify it.

So, here is a piece of advice. Never ask your new girlfriend these 4 things.

How many relationships has she had in the past?

While this can be a pertinent question for many, and we aren’t judging you for that, it’s just a sign of politeness to not ask your new girlfriend about her previous relationship until and unless she is comfortable in talking about that. So, if it’s a relatively new relationship and you truly want to take this forward, just wait for a while before you ask her about how many relationships she has had in her past.

Whose decision was it to break the relationship?

A lot of people have the tendency to ask their girlfriends whose decision was to break the relationship, this is not a good question to ask in a new relationship. While you have all the right to know about your new girlfriend and some of her past, you shouldn’t be digging deep into the memories. Give her time and space to open up instead of bombarding her with uncomfortable questions right into the beginning of your relationship. Remember, this can leave a bad impression of you on your girlfriend and she might even choose to give the relationship a second thought

Are you serious about me?

A new relationship is not about a lifetime commitment. This is the harsh truth of it. A relationship can sometimes start out of attraction that may later turn into love. In another case, it can just break off since you two didn’t resonate with each other. Hence, constantly seeking validation in a new relationship can make you sound creepy. So, let things happen on their own instead of forcing them on another person

When will we get married?

Again, this is something that the two of you have to mutually decide. If the premise of your relationship is marriage and it can be natural and obvious for you to ask your girlfriend about it, however, if your relationship has just started on a casual note, when it comes to marriage, pause before you utter the word marriage. This may make your new girlfriend uncomfortable and she may even sense danger. So, instead of rushing into things, see how they unfold on their own.

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