Tips to regain their love after a breakup

Be it bad timing, a bad fight or even cheating, there are several reasons why relationships end However, the feeling of love followed by loss remains the same. The sad truth is that not all breakups are mutual. While one of you may be glad to be free of the shackles of a relationship, the other may be tearfully clinging to the broken pieces of their heart. So, if you wish to regain the person’s love even after a breakup, then read on for a few tips to help you accomplish the same.

Withhold your emotional support

Not every breakup is set in stone. At times, hearts can be fickle and flutter either way after ending a relationship. There may be instant regret or even relief on their part. So, there’s a good chance they may reel from the lack of constant support and contact that you offered them. Therefore, it would be a good idea to cut off contact when you end up being dumped. This gives you the space you need to heal from the breakup while your absence from their life may force them to reconsider their decision.

They may soon crave those late-night phone calls and emotional support that you willingly offered them. Focus on no calls, no messages and they may soon be back in your life.

Refuse to be their doormat

The dynamic in every relationship isn’t based on equality, for there may be partner who cares more than the other person. Should a breakup occur, this is the person, who would feel the most hurt and be willing to oblige to their every whim or request with hopes of reconciliation. So, you must take special care not to jump through hoops for your ex after they end your union. Stand up for yourself and refuse to be used. This would make them respect you more and open doors for a reunion.

Stay busy and content

Few things draw in people as much as a happy soul. So, fill your days with activities that you’d always wanted to pursue before the sting of heartbreak. Take up new hobbies and keep yourself away from thoughts of pain.

Once you welcome happiness in your life, you would come across as a whole new person who is unfettered by despair and they are likely to return as well.

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