Top 8 Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers In 2020

1. Google AdSense

8 Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers 2019

Google AdSense is the largest and one of the best ad network networks for small to big publishers.

Adsense serves ads over millions of websites and blogs across many countries in the world with utter reliability and transparency.

It has gained popularity over the years and became one of the trusted ad networks especially for bloggers.

AdSense provides CPC-based ads. So it’s important for every blogger to choose the right keywords for their websites and blogs to get the highest traffic as well as CPC rate. 

AdSense provides high-quality advertisements endorsed by hundreds of trusted advertisers.

However, getting approval from Google AdSense is not easy since it is an ad network by Google you have to follow some strict guidelines in order to get your site approved by AdSense.

The minimum payout threshold AdSense offers is $100 which is easy to earn if your site receives lots of organic search traffic from various search engines and contains quality content.

AdSense gives payments through PayPal, EFT, wire transfer, cheques and western union. 


Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers is another one of the best ad networks for bloggers and small publishers.

It is a supreme quality and highly popular ad serving network that offers contextual ads of CPC, CPM and CPA programs to all small publishers and bloggers for monetizing their websites.

This ad network is a wise choice for thousands of bloggers today for monetizing any small to medium sites.

The ads offered by look unmistakable in contrast with other advertisement networks,

So it is better on the off chance that you have a subject which coordinates the advertisement plan.

Powered by Yahoo and Bing, delivers high-quality advertisements from millions of reliable advertisers which help you flourish your site(s) user experience as well. has a base payout of $100 and pays through PayPal and Web Money. There is no base traffic prerequisite which is a decent element for new and little publishers.

Hopefully, if you think getting Adsense approval is a bit tough for you is a good alternative in this case.

3. Infolinks


This is a popular ad network that serves ads via text formats. 

The best thing about Infolinks is that it doesn’t claim any extra space on your website for displaying ads and hence perfectly gets mingled with the site contents.

Today Infolinks has become one of the largest ad serving networks across the world aiding over 2,00,000 online publishers to serve ads, monetize their sites and earn a decent amount of passive income for them.

If your site is predominantly content-centric this ad network will be a great choice for you.

Their network is exceptionally easy to incorporate into your site, and is available to any publisher, huge or little, with no setup expenses, no base necessities for site hits or guests and no concealed commitments.

Infolinks advertisers are chosen dependent on quality, that is the reason they work with overall leading brands, like Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Pizza Hut, Hyundai TripAdvisor and some more.


Payment Instruction:

  • The minimum payout threshold of Infolinks is $50.
  • You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal, Payoneer, eCheck and wire transfer.

4. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is another one of the best ad networks in the world.

Known for its instant approval and reliable and quick payments Propeller Ads is an in-demand network that most small and big publishers/bloggers use today.

Unlike Google AdSense, Propeller Ads pays you money based on CPM. CPM stands for Click Per Miles that means, if you can generate 1000 impressions on your site(s) Propeller Ads pays you a specific among of money.

Now you don’t need to bother about whether your website visitors click on ads or not, you get paid!

That’s the reason why large publishers/bloggers tend to choose CPM-based ad serving networks over CPC-based ones.

Propeller Ads offers different kinds of Ad formats.

    • PopUnder,
    • Interstitial mobile Ads,
    • Native Direct Ads,
    • Banner advertising,
    • Push notification Ads,
    • Dialogue Ads

These different types of ads appear on different positions of your website prompting visitors to see and tap on it.

The minimum payout threshold this ad network offers is $100 for Payza and Payoneer, and for wire transfer, the amount is $550.

5. Adcash

Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers

Adcash is an excellent ad network that helps bloggers, small publishers to monetize their blogs and earn money online by showing ads. Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Adcash was established in 2007 and it has been offering outstanding service to bloggers to make money online.

They claim that their smart ad technology is making the affiliate marketing journey enjoyable, simple and profitable. Adcash provides CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA Ads to publishers to earn money effortlessly.

This ad network company does not ask for any major requirements. All you need to have is a complete website that is receiving traffic from different sources.

This is one of the fastest-growing advertisement networks for small publishers and bloggers to earn more money from their blogs.


Payment Instruction: 

  • The minimum payout threshold is $110.
  • Adcash pays through Webmoney, PayPal. Wire Transfer, Payoneer.
  • The website should have 500 Unique Visitors Per Day

6. Revenuehits

Revenuehits is a CPA-based ad serving network and is a brilliant way for earning up to $10 to $100 easily.

It pays the publishers for each finished activity on the site they own. It pays $10 to $50 for each finished activity.

Revenuehits doesn’t pay you for impressions or clicks like any other ad networks. Rather it offers you very high CPA rates.

Revenuehits has an assortment of advertisement positions you can look over. Instant approval from this network is also available.


Payment Instruction:

  • The base payout threshold is $50.
  • It pays through PayPal, Payoneer, and bank transfer.

7. Hilltop Ads

Hill Top Ads

If you are on the lookout for a consistent and reliable ad serving network, Hilltop Ads is one of them in this list!

Hilltop Ads allows its publishers and bloggers to monetize their websites or blogs and get paid with the basic payout threshold of $50.

Hilltop Ads aren’t truly achievable for sites with low traffic. Since the advertisements have anti-adblocker technology, you can get paid for practically all the traffic.

The network is anything but difficult to utilize and offer a wide range of kinds of advertisements. 

The fields in which HilltopAds is very popular are Downloads, Gaming, Dating, PinSubmits, Video Streaming, File Hosting, Sweepstakes, and Entertainment.

8. PopAds

Pop Ads

In this list, PopAds is the last ad serving network known for providing highest CPM rates, top-notch tech support, and quickest payouts in the advertisement industry.

PopAds is a 100% legit ad network that does not claim any traffic threshold.

Henceforth, in the event that you have moderate blog traffic, you can, in any case, acquire not too bad income out of it.

Truth be told, PopAds acknowledges websites or blogs from all categories and niches. So there is worry about which niche you are going to pick for your blog.

These ads really have the ability to expand user focus around the showed advertisements and subsequently prevail with regards to boosting the general site income.

Essentially, it gets traffic when a guest goes to the site empowered with PopAds advertisement script.

So when a guest taps on the site link, a pop-under is indicated blazing the item URL that the sponsor is supporting.

When it comes to payments, PopAds is really very efficient and praiseworthy.

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