Ways to cheer your partner up if they are having a bad day

There’s nothing worse than seeing your partner feeling down and upset because of that missed promotion or a brawl at home

There’s nothing worse than seeing your partner feeling down and upset because of that missed promotion or a brawl at home. While it’s imperative to give your partner time and space in such a situation, it’s also essential to help them cheer up because who else will do if not you.

However, what one needs to keep in mind is the behaviour of their partner before taking a step. If your partner is angry or irritated, it’s best to leave them on their own for some time. Allow them to cool down and then make efforts to uplift their mood

Here are a few ways that may help.

Initiate conversation

If your partner is too upset to start a conversation, it’s you who should take the first step. Begin with talking about their day and what went wrong. If they revert by saying they don’t want to talk about it, come up with another topic. And gradually come back to the same topic. Talk to them about how it’s okay to feel upset and stressed, and that it’s normal. Make them comfortable and let them pour their heart out

Plan a date

A simple, sweet, romantic date at night would help them unwind. They will be able to let their worries out and feel special. Tell them how important they are to you, and that you will stay with them through thick and thin. Don’t think you have always told them all this. Remember an emotionally weak person might need reassurance and validation. Do it for them. This will help feel them better and secure.

Avoid fights

Even if your partner is snapping at you for no reason, handle them with love. They might not be doing it intentionally and if you end picking a fight for it, things will get worse. Hence, let them get angry and realise it on their own. When they will see you calm and patient, they might want to improve their mood for you. This will not only strengthen your bond but will also reassure them that you are the one for them for life

Help them with their daily chores

If it’s about preparing a presentation for them, or doing the dishes even if it was their turn, free them from their responsibility. Help them with chores as much as you can. They will feel better and may be able to fight stress. Don’t push them to work, this may further irritate them. Tell them it’s okay if they don’t want to work for a couple of days and that you will do it for them, it’s not a big deal. This will relieve them from worries and they may overcome that stressful period sooner than they themselves thought of


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