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The whole world knows Hitler's name. Hitler belonged to a common man and a poor family. His father was very poor and Hitler hated his father because there were always arguments between them while he loved his mother very much. Hitler was born on April 20, 1989, in the neighboring country of Austria, Germany. Then his family shifted to Germany. He had been interested in "painting" since childhood and also wanted to be a good politician. He often worked as a "painter" on buildings in various places in Germany and this was his source of livelihood.


When the British used poison gas against the Germans, they all wore masks, but when Hitler wore a mask, his mustache was sticking out of the mask, so he only shortened his mustache because he wore a mask. The gas caused his eyes to go blind, and after treatment, his eyesight returned, but the fire of revenge was burning inside Hitler.


Adolf Hitler Politics:


Hitler began his politics with the German Workers' Party, later known as the Nazi Party. After World War I, Britain and France stripped the Germans of the territories they had held for centuries. Germany was now forced to pay the price at the expense of world powers for 96,000 tons of gold. Hitler was in charge of propaganda in the "Nazi Party" which later became the head of the party in 1921.

Hitler's party had now become the Revolutionary Party. On November 8, 1923, Hitler brandishing a pistol, entered the Beer Hall and declared a "Nazi government" on the city, and the next day he set out to seize the city. Fourteen Nazis and four policemen were killed in the firing. But the field remained in the hands of the police and Hitler's first attempt failed. Most of Hitler's soldiers were captured and Hitler himself escaped, then was captured two days later and imprisoned.

World War I, hero Erich Ludendorff, Hitler's ally, was captured, but Erich was released on bail. Hitler was sentenced to five years in prison but was released nine months later due to good behavior and pressure from the Nazi Party. In prison, Hitler wrote the book "Mein Kampf," which means "My Struggle." Conditions in Germany, meanwhile, were deteriorating as Hitler rebelled against the system, making Hitler famous throughout the country during his imprisonment. During his imprisonment, Hitler decided that a revolution in Germany could only come from elections. As soon as he was released from prison, Hitler began to prepare the party for the election.

Now that Hitler is on the ballot, he has created a propaganda in-charge, "Cobbles" or someone who has been crippled since childhood and is lame but has a brain. This is the man who used to say, "Lie so much that it seems true. Hitler's decision to make him the propaganda in-charge proved to be the right one. Cobbles spread Hitler's ideas in Germany.

When elections were held in 1928, the Nazi Party won only 12 out of 647 seats. With seats and 2.6% of the vote, the news was bad news for Hitler. The American stock market crashed on October 29, 1929, leaving 6.1 million people unemployed. Hitler took advantage of this time to present himself as the Messiah. The government resigned due to the economic crisis. In the 1930 elections, Hitler won 18% of the vote, but he was still unable to form a government. Hitler suffered an emotional shock when his girlfriend, Geli, committed suicide. Then he fell in love with Eva. She worked in a shop but her girlfriend was not interested in politics.

The 85-year-old Hindenburg had served as head of the German army in World War I, but he disliked Hitler and the chancellor could not see him as a candidate. Hindenburg won. When parliamentary elections were held again in July 1932, the Nazi Party won 230 seats, but the old Hindenburg did not make Hitler Chancellor again, and if he failed, elections would have to be held. When elections were held again in November 1932, the Nazi Party won only 196 seats and a majority, but Hindenburg was still opposed to Hitler. But the then chancellor began a campaign to celebrate Hindenburg, and then it was agreed that Hitler would be chancellor and Bipin would be vice-chancellor. Just a month before he became chancellor, a 52-year-old Jew secretly fled the country after learning of the situation. He was later offered the presidency of Israel, but he refused. This man was none other than a great scientist named Einstein.

When Hitler held elections on March 5, 1933, the Nazi Party won 288 of the 647 seats. Gained dictatorial powers from the German Parliament on March 23, 1933. And Hitler banned other parties, disbanded trade unions, and shut down opposition newspapers. On the night of June 30, 1934, Hitler killed 400 people, including his bodyguard, "Ernst Rochm" because Rochm was an obstacle. Is called the “Night of the Long Knife”.

After the death of Hindenburg in 1934, Hitler became president and commander-in-chief of the army. And by abolishing the various posts of Chancellor, he was given the same name, Furor, which meant leader. Now there was no political defender against Hitler. All countries turned against Hitler and at the same time increased their army five times. Military training was compulsory for all Germans between the ages of 18 and 25. Hitler then began to crush the Jews, banning anti-Jewish legislation, marrying Germans, voting, and employment.

In 1936, Hitler hosted the Olympic Games and gave the impression to the world that Germany is a peaceful and developed nation but did not allow Jews to participate in the Games. The German nation did wonders with 43 medals. Hitler's "genealogy" was similar to that of the Jews, even his girlfriend was a Jew, but Hitler did not know it. Then one day Hitler invaded France and the world became "overwhelmed".

"I wish someone would rob me of those 4 weeks," Hitler used to shout in the last days of his life. Hitler had now broken all international agreements and started recruiting millions of Germans into the army. Spent 3.5 Billion marks in 1933 and then 26 Billion marks in 1939. Now, with the abundance of arms, oil, iron, and steel, prosperity and employment in the German country became so great that no one was left unemployed, and the rest of the German people were exhausted with joy. Hitler's goal now was to regain the territories that France and Belgium had snatched from Germany in World War I, to make Germany a great nation.

He gained control of the area without firing a shot, boosting Hitler's morale. Now the next target was "Austria", but Mussolini, the ruler of Italy was protecting Austria. It sided with Mussolini in supporting the Italian invasion of "Ethiopia" and allowed the occupation of Austria. In 1938, the German army hoisted its flag over Austria. In 1938, Hitler also annexed Southington Lang from Czechoslovakia. But it was the British Prime Minister's fault that Johter's words came to fruition. And Hitler revolted in Czechoslovakia and tore it to pieces. Now Hitler's next battle was "Poland" but the world now understood that Hitler was a man who broke his promise and did not stick to his language.

That is why Britain and France agreed to support Poland. Got worse than On August 31, German troops disguised themselves as Polish citizens stormed a German radio station, and Hitler accused Poland of carrying out the attack, and the next day attacked Poland with 1.5 million troops. The Polish army numbered one million. Now Britain and France were ready to help Poland. It was 11 o'clock, but Hitler did not stop. At 11:15 a.m., the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom announced on the radio that there had been no response from Germany and that Britain was now in Germany.

At war then France declared war. Hitler conquered Poland, but now the threat to Hitler was Russia. Hitler agreed with Russia not to fight for 10 years, which Russia accepted. Now Germany, without worrying about Russia, occupied the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, and France within a year. The secret of Hitler's success was the "drugs" he gave to his army so that man could stay active for many days. These drugs were made from pork.

Until 1940, Hitler's name was everywhere and he continued to achieve victories. Now Hitler thought that after France he would take over Britain but now Britain had changed and the new Prime Minister "Churchill" came and stood in front of Hitler. Hitler planned to attack Britain which he called Operation C-Line. The Germans launched an attack but now Britain had “radar". What no other country had at that time was the invention of Britain. And it helped the British find out which area the German planes had entered. The second weapon was the Spitfire, which was more powerful than the German aircraft. The war between Germany and Britain began. In just four months from July 1940 to October 1940, 1,800 German and 1,000 British planes were destroyed. That is why Hitler got tired and retreated from the fact that he did not want to waste his time in a small country like Britain but Hitler's eyes were on Russia. Now Hitler began to prepare for an attack on Russia while attacking Russia was not easy. The generals stopped Hitler, but Hitler rebuked them all. The world stopped him, but Hitler was still not going to stop.

He secretly prepared for the attack, and in 1941, Hitler's troops were ready for war. Hitler, with the help of Mussolini, invaded Iran and Yugoslavia, and the invasion of Russia was postponed for four weeks, but the four-week delay cost him dearly. After conquering Iran and Yugoslavia, he now turned to Russia. On June 22, 4 million German troops invaded Russia in the dark, and on July 4, Russian Stallion addressed the Russian nation for the first time. Hitler wanted to reach Moscow as soon as possible. Russia took advantage and gathered more troops, then defeated the Germans.

Hitler invaded the Russian city of Stalingrad in 1942, but the cold weather broke the Germans' backs and Hitler was defeated. Now the Russian army was moving towards Berlin. On June 6, 1944, the American and British army’s invaded the German army from the territory of France. It was called D-Day and was still defeated by the Germans. In all these circumstances, the German nation sided with Hitler. With successive defeats, the German army was confined to its bunker. Hitler's last days in this bunker were very disappointing.

In these circumstances, when Hitler was confined to the bunker, he could not get intoxicated, and the intoxication left marks on Hitler's arms, even though his body was breaking from within, and Hitler was in great pain. By April 30, 1945, the Russian army was very close to Fuhrer Hitler was now aware of his fate. On April 28, when Hitler's friend Mussolini died with his girlfriend, Hitler married his girlfriend Eva. Eva waited 15 years to become Hitler's wife. Eva was allowed to spend less than 24 hours with Hitler after her marriage.

On April 30, Hitler took his wife, Eva, who was preparing to commit suicide into the room, and the last gift for her was a cyanide capsule. Hitler shot himself in the head. When the guard heard the sound of the bullet, he ran and saw that Hitler's body was lying and his wife Eva had also been poisoned.

The Nazis claimed that Hitler's empire would last for a thousand years, but in just 12 years, Hitler came to its end. Hitler is still so popular today that in 2016 his book Mein Kampf was allowed to be republished in Germany, including the best-selling book.

But at this stage all over the world, no one is following this way because this time is called compromising time.

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