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In this blog I'm going to tell you the nowadays situation of Pakistan, Pakistan is the country of a beautiful piece of land which is blessed with so many natural resources Pakistan has a very rich culture

It came in to begin on the 14th of August 1947 The people of Pakistan are very much friendly but we are not discussing people we are actually discussing about nowadays situation of inkling. 

Everyone knows that Prime minister of Pakistan is Imran khan from PTI  who handles the whole country which is a very difficult task for him to handle this country Because Pakistan is going through so many social and economic difficulties including bribery, corruption, poverty, and lack of education In people. Nowadays we are going Through the problem Of 

COVID-19(Coronavirus) is a great challenge for our country and world health issue.

2.Current Situation:

The current situation of Pakistan is very bad we are facing the problem of lock-down due to lock-down no of employed workers in Pakistan became unemployed we are also facing the economic problems which is a great burden for us due to this situation no of beggars are increasing day to day in Pakistan. 

We have to face this situation with very stern. In this situation we have to help deserving people through different platforms nowadays factories have been closed due to corona le are staying inside their home only the general stores, groceries stores, and food market has been open for people without masks we can not go outside in this pandemic situation we have to only just focus on our goals of feature and make a schedule for near feature And Also follow The precautions of government For the safety of our people.

3.Social evils:

Other than coronavirus Pakistan Has also other problems like bribery, corruption, and nepotism these are the problems which are not erecting from our society there is a lot of corruption in government departments, they could not  hire any employees without nepotism and bribery 

4.Conflict with India:

"Actually there is also a problem with India who interfere in each and every matter of Pakistan from the very beginning. They do a lot of terrorist attacks by border. And we have also other clashes with them Kashmir issue which they think that Kashmir is their property and they occupy Kashmir. We so-many times try to settle our disputes with them but they want them to eat a lot of problems for Pakistan in the world. They always try to create a bad image of Pakistan in the world" 

5.other situations:

  1. Law and order situation
  2. gas crises 
  3. power crises 

and so many other problems that I have not to discuss right now. 

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