An intresting person!

An interesting person


  I met Mr. Vijay when we moved into our new house.  He was our next door neighbor.  Mr. Vijay was an elderly man living alone.  She had a part-time domestic worker who came to cook and wash for her daily.

  Mr. Vijay was a very sociable and sociable man.  He was in the mid-seventies when I first found out.  It was modestly built and slightly hunchbacked.  His eyesight was bad and he was almost blind without the help of his thick glasses.


  I became close friends with this old man.  For one thing, Mr. Vijay was a bookworm.  He loved to read and spent most of his time focusing on books, magazines and newspapers.  They really.  He was an arrogant man.  He explored nature and he read on any subject.  This made him a great dialogue writer because he could talk on any topic under the sun.


  Mr. Vijay bought the house from us a few years ago when he retired.  It was rumored that Mr. Vijay was very rich but he was never spending money unnecessarily and his wishes were on the run.  Indeed, it seems that Mr. Vijay has spent most of his money on books and other printed matters.


  I enjoyed talking to Mr. Vijay and we often talked about various interesting topics.  I was a bookworm (and I still am) and we had a similar inclination towards the subjects we read.  We will spend hours discussing history, science, politics, and other subjects of mutual interest.


  Three years ago, Mr. Vijay died at the age of 47.  He bequeathed to me all the books in his personal library.  Believe it or not, Mr. Vijay had more than 6,000 books in his library!  My father converted one of our rooms into a library so that Mr. Vijay could keep all the books I had left.


  I am sad that Mr. Vijay is no longer around.  I still have to meet someone I can talk to like I was with this old man.

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