black man murdered in america

 Significant progress has been made in the murder case of the American black George Floyd. According to the details, the family of the black man who was brutally killed by the American police officers has settled with the Minneapolis City Council in exchange for a large amount of money. The Minneapolis City Council and George Floyd's family will pay 30 million to George's family.

According to a report released by British media, the City Council of Minneapolis, Minneapolis, has unanimously approved a pre-trial settlement in the case of George Floyd, the largest pre-trial in the state of Minnesota. Great settlement. A jury is being formed for the trial of a former Minneapolis police officer named in George's murder, with six of the 12 judges selected for the trial, which begins March 29. George's family has traveled around the world. I called for an end to discrimination and violence against blacks. Lawyers for George Floyd's family say the video of George's murder undeniably called for change and justice. He said that the biggest pre-trial settlement in a highly erroneous death case would always send a strong message to blacks that black lives also have meaning.

Last year, a black man named George Floyd was brutally murdered by US police. After the American people took to the streets to protest against the abuse of blacks in the United States, former US President Donald Trump, instead of expressing sympathy for George Floyd's family and the black community, called for police action. Was praised. After which the American people became more incensed and came out for the rights of blacks all over the United States. Efforts to end discrimination against blacks around the world began in the wake of the George Floyd case.

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