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I have two answers. I just finished updating my dining room’s decor and am proud of what I accomplished on a small budget. I have visual evidence (in my humble opinion) that my decorating skills are improving. We’ll see if the next room is even better. The dining room has always been my favorite room in any home because I’m a sucker for displayed china and stemware, place settings, and the warm gathering of friends and family around a meal.


Of course, it only gets used when I’m feeling particularly fancy, and my laptop is usually on the table beside my plate. (My partner and housemate takes all meals in the living room.) Or if friends are over to play cards. Though we always tend to gravitate toward the kitchen in that odd, grazing manner we all know. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, but I prefer to treat it as a functional room, not a space for entertaining.


The room I spend most of my time in is my bedroom. I have decorated it in a very minimalist way, as I need to be surrounded by a feeling of calm where I sleep; I prefer reclining to sitting; and I have a nice big TV, my laptop on a cushion beside me, and my phone. Three screens at once! (Not recommended by sleep health professionals.)


The expectation that when my door is shut, I want privacy, is what keeps me in there. Being home means recharging from being out in the world, and being in my room means being alone, even away from my partner and housemate. (I am a firm believer in separate bedrooms.)


I only wish I had a room with a secret hidden door where I could put my screens, bed, and desk, and then that would be my favorite room.

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