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''Life is full of so many Amazing Gadgets which we can use in our daily life Nowadays we have been through so many inventions around us in the industry of cars. We have also seen the development of our industry. Now a days market is very competitive we have seen so many means of transportations. But in this article I Am going to discuss about Cars. Cars are of 2 types

2.Types of cars:

  1. Racing. (sports car)
  2. For personal use

Car for personal use:

in the very begging life is very tough for us we move from one place to another through horses and camels. Time passes gradually when cars became into beginning we have seen a lot of cars around us every company introduces their new cars at that time Ferrari, Mercedes and Audi were the top most company in the market. There were only manual cars in the market and when the time passes gradually the world is becoming so much advance in the field of technology and science. In cars we have seen a lot of inventions. like a change in-car technology. In feature, we should see that technology became so much advance that instead of petrol we use electric cars which run through electricity.

Racing(sports cars)

In the field of sports, we have seen so many cars which are so much luxury and expensive which is only made for sports purposes, not for personal use that's why they are so much expensive. But most of the people use it for their personal use only or show off. Many celebrities, businesses man and politicians have a sports car. Middle-income man also wishes to have a sports cars by games because in games they see so many luxuries cars which develop the passion for them.

We have seen in racing games so many sports cars which we wish to have them in real life and drive them.

3.Advantages of cars:

  1. through cars we cove our long distance from one city to another in time.
  2. We can complete our task of home through cars easily like taking out groceries from market
  3. life becomes so easy through cars.

4.Advice to those cars company who did not done any investment in technology :

There is my advice for those companies those who did not do any investment in cars to give their car advanced facilities like cultus then they should invest in technology and give all comforts to cars which they need and introduce their new models in the market. this thing should promote their cars in the market


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