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Stunning mosaics from Roman-era Thessaloniki are being displayed as a digital exclusive by the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. The “Mosaic of Summer,” which features the personification of the season, first discovered during excavations in the 1930s, is displayed alongside four more that depict the personified forms of Winter, Spring (or Autumn), the Ocean, and the Sea, which all adorned the floor of a Roman-era house. The house itself likely stood within the city of Thessaloniki.
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Mindful walking is a practice of becoming fully aware of your surroundings and the way your body feels while moving....
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His painting The Sugar Shack sold for $15.3 million at Christie's, surpassing his previous sales and making his a story...
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Whether you’re driving a car with children yelling in the backseat or trying to read a book in a coffee...
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The dating world is full of love, heartbreak and bitterness but also endless possibilities
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The most obvious thing that people assume married couples would do in the boudoir is explore physical intimacy.
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The first year of marriage may be your honeymoon phase, but as the years pass and your marriage nears the...
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The term open relationship has gained much momentum in recent years! It is an extremely broad term and that gives...
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Be it finding love later in life or even getting a second chance at love and marriage, love in your...
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Be it bad timing, a bad fight or even cheating, there are several reasons why relationships end
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