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Top Performance Certificates were awarded. My client completed a number of projects, including flyovers and bridges. Advocate Makhdoom Ali Khan gave details of Saifullah Abro's construction plans. Advocate Makhdoom Ali Khan argued that Saifullah Abro built the Kotri Railway Area Kotri Industrial Area Project. Larkana City Fly over and built a bridge over the railway line at Kashmore, Khairpur. Fly Orr Bridge was built at Tandomabad, Hyderabad. Built flyover bridge on railway line in Nawabshah. Saifullah Abro built Sukkur City Railway Line Bridge. Metro Bus Rawalpindi Islamabad Metro Project Built. He also worked in Metro Bus Multan project.


Saifullah Abroki Qalandar Bakhsh Company is registered in FBR. Saifullah Abro's lawyers Makhdoom Ali Khan and Haider Waheed advocates completed their arguments. Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar remarked, "Now let's ask the position of the Election Commission." The court asked the Election Commission to state its position. The ECP representative said that there was no explanation in the election rules about the complainant. According to Rules 112, anyone can become a complainant. Anyone from across the province can become a complainant for the Senate. The rules relating to the complainant in the election rules are ambiguous.

The court remarked, "Do you accept the Returning Officer's decision?" The correspondent said that we also accept the decision of the Returning Officer, all the courts. Saifullah Abro is Claire from FBR, SBP. A NAB inquiry is underway against Saifullah Abro but it has nothing to do with it. The objector's counsel argued that no candidate was barred from objecting. There are 2 different definitions of objector in law.

The court remarked that the returning officer has been given the authority to give permission or not. Advocate Haseeb Jamali argued that transparency in elections is essential. The Returning Officer ignored the key points. The court also asked whether it was necessary to issue show cause to the candidate. Giving arguments, the lawyer objected that why a person contesting elections for a public office is running away from transparency? I will also give arguments on Achievements and NAB Inquiry. 

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