Aside from courting foreign aid, Khan oversaw several significant developments in Pakistan’s foreign relations. The country successfully brought the Taliban to negotiations with the United States, improving relations with the country and with neighboring Afghanistan.



Pakistan peace gesture praised internationally


In February 2019, in a show of force against militants in Kashmir, who had recently staged a suicide attack killing 40 Indian security personnel, India launched an air assault in Pakistan for the first time in five decades, raising fears of a new conflict between the two countries. Pakistan downplayed the impact and appeared to avoid escalating the situation. When India again entered Pakistan’s air space, Pakistan shot down two fighter jets and captured a pilot but returned the pilot to India soon afterward. After the incident, Khan implemented a crackdown on militants, issuing arrests, closing a large number of religious schools, and promising to update existing laws to reflect international standards.



A Proud Pakistani


As a Pakistani, I am proud to have such a loyal and hardworking prime minister who is doing all his best to overcome corruption and bringing peace not in only Pakistan but all around the world. His speeches in OIC , UN platform and on international platforms for Indian occupied Kashmir and Pakistan was praised and criticized at the same time but as heroes never stop. No doubt Imran khan Niazi will always be remembered as the hero of Pakistan after centuries.



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