How to Avoid Overthinking, Causing Insomnia Really, really?

  Hello friends.  How often do we hear the statement that overthinking or excessive thinking can actually cause a fairly serious illness.  What disease, huh?  The name of the disease is sleeplessness or what we often hear in the community is Insomnia.  Who often experiences sleep disorders like this?  Well, it seems that this habit of excessive thinking must be prevented as much as possible so that we can live a healthy life by running a healthy sleep pattern.  Curious how to avoid excessive thoughts?  Let's look at the following review.


  1. Have small talk with yourself before going to bed.

  The first is probably very rarely done by most people.  Because if you feel tired, then sleeping immediately is an efficient way.  However, I never tried to talk to myself again about the things that had happened all day long.  If you haven't, then please try.  Because this method can help us to more easily select the thoughts that need to be kept and the thoughts that need to be discarded.  So, we can sleep soundly and free from excessive thoughts.


  2. Reading Books

  In this method, we only need one book, such as a novel or other light reading.  Reading a book before going to bed itself can increase brain intelligence, you know.  Apart from being a calming therapy, we can also sharpen the brain with reading that is also easy to understand.


  3. Exercising

  Yep!  The third point is probably very rarely done.  It's famous for being complicated on the head, but actually exercising before going to bed is quite light without the help of other fitness tools.  You can take a deep breath and then exhale after that move your hands and head like a warm-up exercise before strenuous exercise.  Five to ten minutes is enough to calm the mind.  As a result, you can fall asleep quickly.


  The three points above are a few methods that I often use to avoid Overthinking.  Hopefully useful, do it if it is necessary to help better sleep quality.  Healthy greetings.

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