How To Get Chicken Dinners on PUBG Mobile


I play in Third Person Perspective(TTP) — specifying because the recent update now allows First Person Perspective(FPP). I usually play in teams (Duos or Squads). Everything shared here still applies if you’re playing Solo.

Once in the lobby, the ever-present obnoxious teammates don’t waste a second announcing themselves. Find and mute them immediately. It’s usually yelling in a foreign language or a constant thump that I mistake for gunshots or footsteps. The new update allows you to mute individual team members. Exercise that privilege, you need your ears.

Sound is Important

Lots of players advice playing with headphones as it helps with sounds plus PUBG really has fantastic sound design. When playing with headphones, an audio effect called panning can tell you the location of another player. You might hear footsteps in the left or right ear only.

Instead of headphones, you could turn up the volume on your phone speakers to a comfortable level. I’ve won games by hearing the other players’ footsteps before spotting them. Crouching, moving without shoes and not moving unnecessarily are ways you can stay quiet. Watch for the indicator that pops up on the mini-map when someone’s very close to you — shows up as orange footsteps. Keep both your eyes and ears peeled. Sometimes you see first, other times you hear first.

Following Other Players

Whenever I play squads I accept invitations to jump together when I get one, especially when others do so too. It’s good when everyone lands together. However do exercise caution when following another player. Drag the eye tool around to see other players sky-diving around you to make sure other players aren’t landing too close.

If you find yourself following someone who’s diving straight for a location you don’t like, (I avoid the School on the Erangel map — like Tilted in Fortnite) give a heads up with the “Enemies ahead!” quick-chat, unfollow and move as far away as possible. Also unfollow if you spot players landing too close for comfort or reaching your landing site before your team does. Give a heads up before unfollowing in case other squad mates don’t notice.

I always unfollow when the squad is heading towards a group of buildings and head for one of them so as to not struggle for weapons and resources when everyone inevitably heads into the same building.

Looting & Getting Weapons

Move fast once on the ground, getting a weapon is a top priority. Grab whatever you find and use it — shotguns, crossbows, anything to give yourself a fighting chance. Tear through buildings quickly picking what you need and discarding what you don’t. Level 1 backpacks(the most common) don’t hold much.

Go through windows if you prefer leaving doors closed so other players aren’t aware of your presence. I sometimes enter through windows but leave doors open when I use them to deter players from approaching by signalling someone’s inside or that it’s been looted. Close doors if in a large building to know when someone enters.

Auto-picking helps a lot with picking up the right attachments and ammo for your weapon and automatically equipping them. It’s fast enough if you’re alone but if you and a teammate are looting a dead players crate or just looting together, tap on items to grab them faster.

Keep in mind all the resources and weapons you need and keep searching till you find them. Mine is a Level 2 backpack, military helmet, Level 3 vest, an M16 and all it’s attachments — angled foregrip, suppressors, 4x or 8x scope, and an extended mag. Grab a couple smoke, stun and frag grenades too.

Choosing the Right Weapon

Explore and find the weapon that works for you, be it an assault rifle or an SMG. I’ve got a friend who handles guns with heavy recoil well but I can’t. I shoot in full-auto or burst mode but not for more than a second or two due to recoil. Shoot in short accurate, effective bursts that you can control.

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