Impact of computer games on the education of children

Impact of computer games on the education of children 

That children learn best in the game, known since ancient times. But many games that are modern boys and girls, a little like a fun kids of previous generations: there are many different digital entertainment, Internet-related, especially, games.

There are many games to develop abilities the baby such as learning to write, count, languages. With virtual partner you can even play checkers, chess and dominoes, although it is better to do with their parents. At the time puzzle games develop attention, thinking, memory, reaction. These games are recommended for activities with the baby, they will definitely help to diversify the educational process.

But there are games that can hurt the psyche of the child. It's all kinds of "shooting", "games", "tanks", "race", "fight", "action". There are now many games created based on the realistic graphics of blood and murder. Playing them from an early age exploring the world of weapons and violence, which adversely affects the character and the psyche. Over time, the games suck, and the child begins to live in them, losing the sense of reality and plunging into the world of corpses and monsters:

- the child has a dulled sense of self-preservation, because he associates himself with the hero, and the hero is one a life on the street baby, not thinking, jumping from tree to tree – the hero, because it turns out easily;

- the child does not learn to solve conflicts concessions and conversations, because it is all about power;

- for their cruel deeds the heroes of the game are not punished: I think that in life you can stab, beat, and nothing happens.

Even my daughter watering the garden at the Farm, or manages a beauty shop in danger: computer games kill the desire to do something, to work. Guys is only a few times to click the mouse, and you're beautiful, the farm makes a profit, and the virtual pup fed and happy. In the future this may be a cause of depression and tantrums due to the fact that something does not work the first time.

What can be done

No need to hinder the child's relationship with the digital world. On the contrary, we need to teach him the basics of computer literacy, and from an early age to acquaint with the amazing opportunities of the Internet. Just encourage your child not to spend in a life time in vain and constantly doing something useful for his development.The task of parents is to be a filter of children's hobbies and entertainment:

- the game should be proportionate to the age of the child, his abilities;

-  get acquainted with its contents and rules;

-  the task in the game should not last longer than 5-7 minutes: this time is safe for communicating with the computer

-  try not to have classes at the computer every day;

-  observe the daily routine, and the child will know when and how much time is allocated for the game;

-  instead of a tablet with downloaded games, take a book with you.

In preschool age, the child must learn the real world, it has a lot of new and interesting.

Even the most useful computer games should be only one of the elements of leisure and harmonious development of the child, along with reading, mastering computer literacy and physical exercises.  Then they will be of benefit.  And do not let the heroes of the games raise your child.

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