India's journalist aggression against Pakistan

India's journalist aggression against Pakistan

A country that wants to be called the world's largest democracy, whose population group is the second largest in the world, and whose economy is the world's five largest economies, if the country is negative, illegal, regionally and internationally dangerous. Which country will come to mind when you start walking on the path? Of course, it cannot be any country other than India. India has done something that the entire international community is ashamed of. The recently released report of the European Union Information Laboratory called Indian History is an unacceptable and irresponsible step by the National Security Officers of India and the Ministry of External Affairs. The campaign, launched in 2005 by more than 500 false media houses and think tanks, provides legal protection and support to Asian News International (ANN). The objective of the campaign was to discredit China and Pakistan in the world and damage its reputation.

The Information Laboratory of the European Union, which has quoted at least 13 times members of the European Parliament, has reported that Asian News International has published negative and hateful material against Pakistan and China. The network has tried to influence the world's major policy makers to promote Indian conspiracies. His goals included select members of the United Nations and the European Parliament.



Indian history also managed to discredit Pakistan and China in the world and repeatedly damaged the UN's trust in Pakistan and China. In 2019, investigative agencies discovered 265 fake and pro-Indian websites operating in 65 countries linked to an Indian company, Shri Vastu Group (SG). The Srivastava Group (SG) and several NGOs with the United Nations, such as United Schools International (USI) and the Amsterdam-based think tank European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS) have found evidence of a relationship. Historically, the zeal of propaganda, its influence, and its hidden power have been fully exploited in the First World War. After the First World War both fascist countries and communist countries saw the situation. I used negative and false propaganda as a weapon. Both sides use propaganda to increase their power and victory.

 Unfortunately, the international community has always leaned towards India as India is an important economic power and the world provides an international market. In this power game, India An's effort is to stand up against China, for which world powers, particularly the United States, recognize India's illegality and prioritize India more than other countries.

If India is counted among the great powers of the world, should basic human rights violations in India be ignored? Should persistent extremism, intolerance, mistreatment of women, violation of UN resolutions and ongoing killings and sabotage in Kashmir should be completely forgotten in India? Pakistan is India's biggest target in fifth generation warfare and hybrid warfare. Pakistan has suffered the most loss of life and property in the war, but the sacrifice of Pakistan is being ruined due to the importance of major powers in India. India is against the UN resolutions. India's support to terrorists, its false flag operator to discredit Pakistan and Pulwama, whose incidents are not hidden from anyone. Bhushan or Devo yesterday admitted that he carried out terrorism in Balochistan and Sindh. Several politicians, including Narendra Modi and Ajit Daul, have acknowledged working against Pakistan in Balochistan and Sindh, including a conspiracy to separate East Pakistan from Pakistan. Pakistan recently introduced a dossier of evidence against India at the United Nations, presenting evidence of India's support for terrorism in Pakistan. It is now the responsibility of the United Nations to take action against India. Take disciplinary action. Indian history is not only a conspiracy against Pakistan and China, but a conspiracy against the whole world which threatens to affect relations between different countries. The declaration of decisions against it does not fulfill the responsibility of the world. Everyone has the right to reliable and official information nationally and regionally. The EU Disintegration Laboratory has taken a commendable step in this regard and has exposed India to the world. Pakistan and China must work together to counter India's conspiracy to effectively respond to this 15-year-old propaganda campaign. Both countries should request an investigation by the United Nations and the European Union to determine who is financing the conspiracy. Were the churns, media houses, fake websites part of this conspiracy? Pakistan and China should also.

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