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Thanos might have been the oh-so-powerful enemy in Avengers. However, you can indeed learn valuable life lessons, even from the evilest characters. Buckle in and read through this list of 10 life lessons to learn from Thanos. We are sure by the end of it, and you might imply one or two of thanos effect strategies in your life as well.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Thanos never set out to complete his mission all by himself. From the beginning, he had a reliable team who worked with him, shoulder-to-shoulder, and they all worked towards a common goal. The lesson that you are going to learn with this is that you would never have to isolate yourself. If you indulge in taking help from others and also, collaborate on projects, there are higher chances for your success.  

Believe in Your Idea

Throughout the movie, Thanos never questioned his ambition and idea. Now realistically, it is important to be receptive to constructive criticism. But, if you take every negative comment about your ideas and plans too seriously, you will never end up anywhere. Believe in your ideas firmly and work hard towards achieving them. As long as you have faith in yourself, you will be able to pull through even the most challenging situation. This kind of personality he created which is known as thanos effect.

Be Prepared to Sacrifice

The one thing that Thanos did remarkably was sacrifice even his closest ones just to achieve his dream. This does not at all mean that you’ll have to sacrifice your notable family just to become successful and get somewhere in your life. But you should be able to let go of smaller joys or momentary pleasures keeping in mind the bigger picture. Sometimes, small sacrifices can contribute to a big achievement. You just have to understand the thanos effect and learn to let it go and nothing else! 

Never Expect to Be Dealt with an Easy Hand

Whatever Thanos did achieve in Avengers, he could not do it just by a stroke of luck. Often, he had to pull through incredibly risky and challenging situations to get what he wants. The same goes for everyone as well. We should never expect things to work out on their own. If you want to achieve something or get something done, be prepared to walk through fire for it. If you already have a steady mind about facing hardships, no amount of difficulty will be able to stray you away from your path to success and thanos effect will work on you nicely.

Let Your Creativity Flow

Whatever you say about Thanos, you can never say he was basic. All his hopes and dreams, and his ways of achieving them were creative and original. You have to be the same way. You should always indulge your senses in thinking outside the box. Don’t always follow everyone’s path when you can just make one of your own. Individuality is what brings excitement to our lives and also guarantees success as compared to being just like everyone else.

Be Patient

Good things in life hardly ever happen overnight. Thanos knew that and did not expect his dreams to become a reality in just one day. If you want to achieve big dreams, you have to take it one step at a time. Nothing substantial can happen within a few days or weeks of hard work. But if you want to achieve something, you have to put in your efforts for months or sometimes years to make it happen.

Have Moments of Self-Reflection

Even though Thanos was this larger-than-life figure, he still had moments where he was vulnerable and had self-reflecting thoughts. It is not weak to be vulnerable. Sometimes, it’s necessary. Take moments out of your everyday life to retrospect and even be vulnerable to truly feel and understand the depth of your situation. An accurate self-assessment will certainly come in handy.

Don’t Leave Your Dream Halfway

The biggest enemy to achieving your dreams is if you abandon them halfway through. Thanos faced a lot of barriers and obstructions, but he never gave up. The same goes for you. Achieving your dream will not be an easy task. Sometimes, you might also feel like you are experiencing more bad days as compared to the good days. But the smart thing to do would be to carry on even when things get tough because it will all work out in the end only if you can make it till there.

Have A Source of Power

Of course, we cannot get an Infinity Gauntlet like Thanos. But we can have other power sources in our life from whom (or which), we derive our strengths. This could be a person, a friend, or even something inanimate like music. But all of us need some boosting up from time to time, and that can be found in a variety of things or people or places. 

Go Big or Go Home

Thanos had a dream that was bigger than anything anyone could ever conjure. This should be an inspiration. When it comes to ambitions, the sky is the limit. It is smart to set small goals, but also essential to realise that it all should lead to a greater-than-life achievement. Now the definition for this is different for everybody. For you, it might be getting a promotion at work next month. Whatever it may be, make it big and work hard to get it.

With this list of 10 life lessons to learn from Thanos, you are now better equipped to handle life and all the challenges it throws at you!

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