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A person needs the presence of another person in his life, either the lover, the friend, the brother, or the husband, in order to give him a motive in order to accept the troubles of life, even if that trouble is just an ordinary thing. Love between the two parties is a wonderful feeling, it can be in the people who deserve the feeling, but by his consent, you say that it is a wonderful feeling just because we see Other people, I want to see it, but I wonder why not all people live for sure. The defect here is not in time or the world that no one loves. Unfortunately, the defect remains in us now, each one of us has a sense and love of love that can suffice the whole world, but the problem here is how to show the feeling that sometimes we want to work Every need and in any way to prove that we have done what B, what have we wanted to say to the person before us, “I am your side and I love you and I cannot live without you” and unfortunately, Mabousaloush for any result other than pain and this will be the reason “silence”

I always pretend to be happy in us, who is able to live it despite the pain that he has weathered, and in his good will, but I would like to make it clear that pretending to be happy, especially in front of the person who is not feeling this love in the first place, is actually the easiest way than that you approach risks and explain what you are feeling with him and how much sadness And thinking about a person who is not sensitive and does not think about you the need that I want, I make it very clear, and also about my feeling that one day we do not choose a person from among all the people in the world because we love him, because we want to be at least we are waking from our sleep, we meet him before us, or we endure any tiredness because we Then, all our thinking is that we are time

We do not need to go away, but in his bosom, so that he does not lose his fatigue today, either at work or until he occupied the house, he did not suffer from it, someone understood that he had tired in this world and needed that he is the only one who lives with him for the rest of our days and we spend it happiness and love and only, until one day we feel death We are afraid that we will die because it saves us harder, somebody with a clearer meaning that makes us feel that the whole world is small, or even not present, just because looking at him why why is it impossible for him to suffer and suffer?

With a certain person, he is not sensitive to us, we do not consider any need in his life unfriendly, but the time for what he needs speaks to meet us and the time we do not want, but we see him in front of us without him, why does everything need to walk, why does he not live, why do we not live, why do we love us, why do we feel no sense of them and what They are painful and don't speak, many questions begin with one word, which is why, and his reason is not meticulous, he answered only silence, but only the truth is that it is possible that a discussion of true love exists that is love in the times of "Romeo and Juliet" energy

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