Make Your Own Simple Artwork Without Skills (Free Tools)


If you're a blogger/writer who's relying on writing as a source of income, you've probably struggled before with finding copyright-free images or artworks that fit your articles. Let alone that you sometimes you maybe have to pay someone to do the artwork for you!


Also, I'm sure you already know about the (The Stick-Man) strategy. Well, this guide is pretty much closer to the same strategy but, with a better way to showcase what your article is about with its artwork or image!


Take a quick look at the picture (It doesn't look good, I'm aware of that but, it's just an example)


Here's what I used to create this image in less than 15 minutes,

1- A piece of paper

2- A pencil 

3- Simple photoshop effects


It's really as easy as it sounds, even if you can't draw, some photoshop effects will make it look like a professional artwork!

Believe me, if you saw that same image before I edited it on photoshop, it looks way worse than that!


Again: it's just a quick example just for the sake of this guide, I can do much better than that, and so can you!


Now, how about you try it yourself and post what you've done in the comments below? I'd really like to see what we as writers can do (For free + less effort) to improve our work!


That's all, happy blogging! I wish you all fellow writers all the success and improvement!


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