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What to look for when buying a mobile phone?


 Our custom is that after going to the market, the shopkeeper told us that it has six GB of RAM

 It has 8 GB RAM

 And we closed our eyes and took the mobile

 Or someone said that his front camera is 32 megapixels

 That's where we melted

 One thing to note is that if the capability of a mobile camera can be detected from a megapixel, then the iPhone is tilting by giving a 12 megapixel camera for two and a half million.

 Or an iPhone with 3 GB RAM also surpasses 12 GB RAM in speed

 So there is another factor

 Which affects mobile performance

 Here are some things to look for when selecting a mobile phone

 1: Processor

 2: Display

 3: RAM and ROM

 4: User interface

 5: Camera and aperture

 6: Battery and charging

 My first intention was to give you a brief introduction to all of them

 But now I am dividing this article into two or three parts

 So that everything can be said clearly

 This time we're just talking about the processor

 1: Processor

 What I value most when buying a mobile phone

 That's the processor

 Call the processor a mobile engine

 Say brain

 Understand that even with 12 GB of RAM, your mobile can be extremely slow due to lack of a good processor.

 Take this as an example

 That you wouldn't complain about having a 70cc engine in a limousine

 Why doesn't a car run so long?

 The processor in mobile is not only related to your speed but it is also connected with everything

 What will be the result of your camera?

 What will be the color science in it?

 The image signal processing unit in the processor decides with the help of the processor

 The processor puts the most load on your battery after the display

 How many megapixels the camera will have in your phone also depends on the processor

 And if the processor is good, your battery will also work well

 Your video recording capability Your editing capability Display refresh rate capability Even the optimization capability of your mobile with your usage depends on your processor.

 Now the question is which processor should we take

 First of all, let's talk about a few companies

 Which make mobile processors

 1: Qualcomm (Snapdragon)

 2: Media Tech (Hello)

 3: Huawei (Karen)

 4: Samsung (Exynos)

 5: Apple (A series)

 Here we take Apple out of this line first

 Because Apple always makes flagship processors

 And they are only used in Apple phones

 There is no doubt that Apple mobile processors are one or two years ahead of any other mobile processor in performance.

 Apple believes that if it gives its processors to another company

 So this company is going to tarnish Apple's reputation by installing this processor in low quality phones without software optimization.

 Apple always develops its own software and hardware

 Because of this, their performances are handled very systematically

 No one can compete with Apple in this regard

 All you have to keep in mind here is that you will only find Apple's A series in Apple phones.

 Yes let me tell you

 That at that time

 In the iPhone 11 series

 O thirteen bionic chips

 The iPhone will launch in September

 O fourteen bionic chips

 Which will be more powerful than thirteen

 Now come to Samsung

 Samsung uses three types of processors in its phones



 Media Tech

 Snapdragon processors are used only in the United States, China, and Korea

 So we are not going to get those processors from Samsung in Pakistan

 On the other hand, MediaTek and Exynos processors are available in abundance in Samsung phones in Pakistan

 Well, first let's do an autopsy of Samsung's Exynos series

 Samsung has limited this series to its mobile phones only

 But unlike Apple, Samsung builds processors ranging from the budget range to the flagship range.

 Apple only makes one processor model

 Currently in ExxonMobil's flagship series

 Exynos 990

 Is running

 Hopefully in the next S series he

 Exynos 991

 Will give

 But right now this processor is very inefficient in terms of flagship

 Let me give you an example

 Samsung launches a model in two different countries with different processors

 Also, everything is the same

 That is, the battery, the display, the charging, the charger, the camera, everything is the same

 But in the US in the S-Base series

 Snap Dragon 865

 Found in Pakistan or Europe

 Exynos 990

 Get it

 Just one processor difference makes a 20% difference in camera quality and battery performance.

 Therefore, those who think that the camera lens will be the same quality will remain the same

 So they are wrong

 Well, this is the flagship series

 But even in the mid-range, Samsung has its own

 Exynos drags the series

 Samsung calls it its cost cutting system

 Through which they are able to launch mobile at low cost

 Thankfully, despite the cost-cutting, Samsung is so expensive

 I can't tell you guys to take Samsung

 Samsung's currently in the mid-range


 Mobile is running in which you

 Exynos 9611

 Processor found

 The processor is expensive

 But Samsung's is also in the budget range and mid-range

 Uses the seventh series processor

 Exynos 7810


 They have a very long line

 Then comes the fifth series processor

 In the same way, the processors go up to the third series

 Samsung is currently offering a budget processor in over 50,000 phones

 Other companies are offering similar processors in the base

 Now we move on to Huawei

 Huawei also builds its own processors like Samsung and Apple

 To him


 Give the name

 Following in the footsteps of Samsung, unlike Apple

 Huawei is offering Karen processors in budget range, mid range and premium range.

 But Huawei's processors are currently better than Samsung's Exynos series

 Kirin 810

 Currently a great mid-range processor

 Which Huawei did in Pakistan

 Nova 7i (gms is missing)

 Given with the phone

 While in the budget range, it is less than thirty thousand

 Kirin 710

 Also good processor

 But now it's two years old

 So avoid taking phones with this processor

 Even if they are second hand, they are getting in twenty two thousand, so take it

 On the other hand, in the Huawei flagship range

 Kirin 970,980,990

 Has made

 Their best flagship processor at the moment

 Kirin 990 5g

 Is that

 Huawei P40 Pro

 I have given but it does not have Google mobile services in mobile

 Now comes the rest of the companies

 Which for its production

 Uses Snapdragon or MediaTek processors

 Let's take a look at MediaTek first

 MediaTek has been a very frivolous company in the beginning

 The processors have been found in phones priced at a maximum of ten to fifteen thousand

 Then slowly they started giving good processors in the market

 Currently in the mid-range

 Mediatek Helio G90t

 The best processor ever

 Which beats many Snapdragon processors in this range

 Also, MediaTek's P-Series is quite good

 P60, P65, P70,

 G80, G85, G90T

 While in the budget range today you


 Is found

 MediaTek launches flagship processor series

 Dimensity 5G

 The series has also launched

 But he has not yet appeared on any phone

 Let's take a look at Snapdragon

 Qualcomm's Snapdragon series is considered to be the best quality series after Apple's A series.

 But that doesn't mean every Snapdragon processor will beat Apple

 Bulk Snapdragon's flagship series also beats Apple

 There are currently four Snapdragon series running

 The flagship series that beats Apple

 8xx Series (865,855,845,835)

 Mid-range series

 7xx Series (710,720,730,765)

 Budget range series

 6xx Series (625,630,636,660,665,675)

 Entry level series

 4xx Series (430,435,439,450)

 At best, of course, the flagship series runs

 Now the question is which processor is better

 There is no permanent answer

 New processors are coming every year

 Which processor is better, the question is better if we are taking this phone, it costs so much, should it have this processor or does it have a better processor?

 Now look at you

 Snapdragon 665


 Vivo S1 Pro

 I get in the range of forty-five

 While the same processor

 Realme 5i


 Twenty-two thousand

 Now you ask me that

 Vivo S1 Pro

 That's good

 I would say no, its processor is useless at this price

 This does not mean that the processor is useless

 The range in which it is being offered is useless

 While the same processor in the range of twenty-two becomes a good option

 So those who are asking

 Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

 They say that when you state your budget, we have to look at the market to see if any other company or any other mobile is not getting a good processor at this price.

 Let me tell you in simple words

 Less than fifteen thousand


 430,439, 450


 G35, A22, P35, A20

 All are good processors

 Fifteen to twenty-five thousand




 P70, P60, P65

 Good processors

 Twenty-five to thirty-five




 G80, G85,

 Etc. are good


 Thirty-five to fifty-five


 720g, 730g,



 Stays good

 But if you go up

 There are sometimes Samsung's over-priced Exynos processors

 Or Snapdragon


 Is found

 Over seventy at the moment


 The series begins

 Realme X3 Superzoom


 Snapdragons 855+

 Is getting

 Mi 9t Pro


 Sixty thousand



 Is giving but it is missing from the market


 Poco F2 Pro

 In a million



 While in one hundred and thirty

 Oneplus 8

 SD 865

 The processor is giving

 Above fifty or sixty thousand we have very little choice of processors

 Good or bad makes the processor mobile and its price, not the processor itself is good or bad.

 With so many processor series, if you can remember and carry a load of upcoming series, you won't have a problem choosing a phone by processor.

 Hopefully your thoughts on the processor are clear

 In the next installment we

 Talk about the display and the user interface

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