Muhammad Amir legacy will be remained alive

Cricket is something which is the source of engagement of the people around the globe. It makes the nation united. In Pakistan, it has the heart of people. When the name of cricket is taken, Muhammad Aamir’s name cannot be ignored at any cost. He has proved himself the best fast bowler in the history of cricket.

Sometimes, in life fate has a major role. The same happened with him. We all get fascinated by the things in the earlier phases of life. He was also involved in match-fixing with two other cricketers back on 10th August, 2010. He was arrested. He was banned from cricket for five consecutive years. He took a very encouraging decision and admitted the crime. He asked for public forgiveness. As a result of his confession, his punishment was reduced.

Now he got retired. He had faced a lot of criticism from the international cricketers. Whenever he appeared in the matches outside the home country, he was called as a fixer. He came up with a statement that "I am leaving cricket for now because I'm being mentally tortured.”

This attitude is not good. Everyone does crime in one way or another. He is bullied because he is a good bowler. Everyone wants to destroy his career.  His legacy will remain alive throughout the history of cricket. Pakistan has produced a best-ever bowler in the shape of Muhammad Amir. He had played thirty-six test matches.

Along with that, he had played sixty-one one day international and fifty T twenty International. In PSL 6, 2021, he has taken part as well. He is part of the Karachi Kings. From a place like Changa Bangial, which is not a known place in Pakistan, he has proved himself as the best-left arm bowler. This is a real example of that hard work always pays off.

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