One Long Lived Secret

Tips for extending life?  Is it possible?  You can.  With just one tip that will change your life.

 Friends, as humans who have reason and also feelings, of course we all want to live longer in the world, whether it's a thousand years from now and again.  Although it sounds impossible, but it turns out we can, you know, apply some of the tips that we will discuss below to increase our age even longer.  At least until our children have grandchildren.  Right?  But this time we will discuss one of the most effective tips to prolong life.

 Perhaps among us often hear that the key to long life is diligent exercise.  However, it turns out that upon further investigation, that is not the answer.  Regular exercise can indeed prolong life, but the main thing is not that.  Because it turns out diligent exercise is actually in the order of eight tips to prolong life.  Then what is number one?  Curious?  Come on, see the explanation.

 The main key to the success of prolonging life is to always be happy.  So, we have to be smart in maintaining the mood, to be able to always look happy so that we will stay young and live long.  Of course, maintaining a positive mood is also not easy, but it can be done with mind therapy.  Yep!  Because only the mind can control everything.

 When we think about something negative, all the work we do will also feel heavy and have an impact on being difficult to accept so that we will not be able to feel calm and happy.  However, if we always think positively, all the work we do will also feel easier and have an impact on ease of acceptance and a sense of happiness that is easy to get.

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