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"The South Waziristan administration is either helpless or wants the tribes to fight, while the tribal war is already raging in South Waziristan and there is bloodshed among the two tribes because after the integration of FATA into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa," he said. Since there is neither a new law nor an old law.


On the other hand, the report of the Returning Officer regarding NA-75 by-election has come to light. The RO has demanded that in view of transparency, the Election Commission should hold re-election at 14 polling stations of NA-75. Presiding officers were frightened and upset during the investigation.

According to the report, there is a discrepancy between the results of N-League candidates and presiding officers in 14 polling stations. According to Form 45 obtained by Arau, 18,722 votes were cast at the respective polling stations. That the PML-N candidate got 3500 votes, the turnout was 75%, here 1,731 votes were rejected.

It was informed that according to PML-N candidate Noshin Iftikhar's Form 45, he had 5000 votes, Ali Asjad had 6,705 votes, turnout was 45%, according to Noshin Iftikhar's Form 45 139 votes were rejected There is harmony with the reservations of the League candidate. The Returning Officer said that the presiding officers made an excuse that the transport was bad, WhatsApp was not working, 8POs said that their phone battery was low after not sending results on WhatsApp, 8 presiding officers said that they reached the office at 4.30 pm due to fog. It seems that the presiding officers have tampered with the results, so re-election should be held at the relevant polling stations.

According to the report, PML-N candidate Noshin Iftikhar has applied for delay in the results of 23 polling stations. The PML-N candidate has requested not to include the results of 23 polling stations in the final results. Send 45, detailed examination of Form 45 confirms N-League candidate's concerns, PTI candidate expresses satisfaction over Presiding Officers' Form 45, PTI candidate.

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