1. Focus on the Little Things

To keep the table clean, prioritize small things that can disturb the view, such as piles of paper, books or toys that are scattered on the floor, to dirty files lying on the table. By tidying these objects, the impression of a clean room will appear every time, even though the floor has not been cleaned or tidied.

So, instead of being busy sweeping the house and wiping the floor but not paying attention to the objects lying on the floor, it's better to create a clean room starting from the details of the room first.

2. A clean house starts with clean habits

Clean house owners won't wait until the room looks messy before tidying it up. On the other hand, a clean room is an effort that is carried out continuously, not only by individuals, but also by all family members who live in the house. Therefore, also involve your spouse and children in presenting a clean house together.

Creating clean habits sounds simple, but it is the most effective key. Starting from routines such as cleaning the bed when waking up, wiping the sink after use, to tidying up objects before leaving the room is an awareness that must be cultivated so that a clean house at all times is not just a dream or just a bed partner.

3. Cleaning while walking

Almost the same as creating good habits in creating a clean house, you also have to have a mindset to always clean in every activity in the house. Things like washing the dishes after each meal, sweeping away leftover snacks that fall while eating snacks, to wiping the table after use. Don't wait until the dirty table surface has just been cleaned, continue to apply the cleaning session after activities in the house.

4. Avoid unnecessary collections

It can be difficult to create a clean table if you enjoy collecting large quantities of trinkets. The house will automatically feel more crowded if you have a lot of objects in the room, and you will spend a lot of time tidying it up so that the room tends to look stuffy, stuffy and dirty. Compare this with a clean house that is always roomy.

Therefore, try to make wise decisions before deciding to buy an object or collectible. Besides being able to have a clean house, you will also be more economical. It is simpler to collect unique and quality small items, in a long time they can be valuable if they are piled up  full.

5. Focus on Each Room

It takes an eagle-sharp focus when cleaning every room so that a clean table can be created every time. Avoid cleaning from one room to another at the same time, try to stay focused on a table segment before moving to another room. Thus, you can concentrate perfectly and don't lose focus.

6. Ready to Dispose of Objects

Many people find it difficult to have a clean table because it is too sentimental in cleaning table knick-knacks. For the sake of creating a clean room, don't hesitate to get rid of things that are no longer functioning properly or are no longer needed.

Tips for a clean house from Marie Kondo, author of the book, creator of the Konmarie technique as well as a well-known house organizer in Japan - is to only keep things that have direct benefits to the home owner. This means, you have to throw away or

donating items that have not been used for a long time, are useless, and no longer have any function in the house.

And some in general, every time we look at the table segment, we often see documents, paper, and stationery that are less flexible in positioning them. These little things we often make sure to see every day.

7. Have a Cleaning Weapon

The owner of a clean room will definitely have a more complete and much more adequate collection of cleaning tools. Starting from a duster, a multifunctional cloth, to a special cleaning fluid for the toughest stains, it's a good idea to create the most complete cleaning tool or weapon.

With this powerful weapon for your clean room, you won't let dirt stay too long just because ordinary cleaners can't get rid of it. Of course, you will also be proud to have professional cleaning equipment !.

Often we forget !, even though the tool is perfect and complete. Only a small number of people pay attention to the pile, order, position that should be simpler and unique, even beautiful every time.

8. Minimize Paper

Stacks of paper are one of the types of everyday objects that most often interfere with a clean room view. So you can have a clean, useless paper-free room, find time to really sort all the papers at home and start filing properly.

Apart from placing important documents in archives, it's also a good idea to switch to paperless techniques that are more environmentally friendly and effective for a clean house. The trick is to use a scanner and save the document in a file that is ready to access on the computer. It's not difficult, right?

Access to a computer, a lot of administrators have not really confirmed how to store properly and are far from deleting files. It would be better if the documents can be stored on tapes that can reach more and more safely.

Nothing can be perfect in creating a clean house. That's why you need a special drawer or cabinet that can be used as storage, until you have time to sort and return to their respective places.

This drawer can be a drawer on a multi-function shelf or a large bamboo basket with a special lid to a small garage in the corner. If you are good at choosing drawers, drawers can also be used as a decorative element. If time is urgent, put everything in this drawer or basket to create an instant clean room. But remember to clean the drawer again.

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