respect every religion

Respect every religion!

All the religions of the world teach their followers to respect each other, each religion teaches the service of God's servants to connect man to God, different ways can be adopted to reach God but it is not possible to reach a destination. Those who take other paths should be looked upon with hatred. However, recent irresponsible actions by France have proved that there are some people in every society in the world who want to spread chaos in the name of religion, in fact such people spread chaos in the society in response to which the other side intensifies. Like-minded elements also get a chance to spread mutual hatred, some ignorant people consider targeting other religions as a service to their religion. Believers of any religion can be blamed for the tragic tragedy of 9/11, but it was their individual act to achieve political ends. It is totally unfair to link Islam and Muslims to terrorism under the guise of 9/11. However, this injustice is not limited to the United States and Western countries, but a few mischievous elements belonging to the majority population everywhere are busy narrowing the ground for followers of other religions to achieve political goals, the BJP government's minority Muslims in India. Widespread anti-government policies call into question secularism, as do some peace-loving Gautama Buddha extremists involved in the massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, and sectarian riots in Iraq and elsewhere. In New Zealand, worshipers are martyred by attacking a mosque. There are some extremist elements in our own country Pakistan who consider it their religious duty to attack the religious places of the peace loving Hindu community. And the attacks on Hindu temples in Nangarparkar are a link in the same chain. It is also unfortunate that if a Muslim congratulates on Diwali or Christmas, hateful propaganda is launched against him even though I think someone is happy. Congratulations on the occasion and Sharing in his joys and sorrows is a characteristic of a good and noble man. Through such steps one tries to understand the religious beliefs of others and demonstrates philanthropy by promoting religious harmony. World History Witness that whenever religion was used for political purposes, it resulted in the deterioration of society and brought it into disrepute nationally and internationally. The leader of the nation has a great responsibility that when a few extremist elements create chaos in the society and confuse the issues, the leader resolves the issue using his leadership skills, he is happy with a single class. He doesn't try to hurt others, he tries to take the majority, the minority, and all together. The best example of this is before us in the case of the female Prime Minister of New Zealand. When an extremist dared to attack a mosque there, he immediately played a positive role, the Prime Minister of New Zealand proved by his actions That the identity of a developed society is respect for all religions and insulting any religion is not acceptable. I think the corona virus is a great challenge to the world on the one hand and the global epidemic on the other. Has brought together believers of all religions on one platform, we should all have the same agenda of how to work together for the survival of human lives, respect each other and international religious harmony The Day of Eid Milad-un-Nabi demands that we implement the teachings of the last Prophet of Allah and the mercy of the worlds based on tolerance, forbearance and tolerance in our practical lives. Today we must pledge that we are the truth. And will be the voice of truth, we make Pakistan a state of Madinah by giving religious freedom to all people Yes, we will present to the world a role model country where the religious beliefs of all citizens are respected. I think we must record our protest against the blasphemous audacity of the western countries but we must stay away from extremism and prove by our actions and words that we are a peace loving nation, to ensure respect for every religion in the world. Globally, peace-loving circles in all countries need to work together. In the West, under the guise of freedom of expression, we all have to record protests and demand answers.



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