Should I aim head for a headshot in Pubg?


There is something called bullet drop. Farther you shoot the more bullet drops. Also, more you play the less you will have to think where to aim for head. It comes with practice however you can follow this simple tactic in PUBG mobile.

There are two scenarios mainly

  • Enemy is less than 200–250m away then aim for the head 8/10 you will get the headshot.
    • Note - This doesn't work on AKM and 9mm ammunition weapons as thier bullet drop is more.
  • Enemy is more than 250 m away then aim just a little higher something like half head or you can even aim for top of the helmet. When enemy is more than 250m away the problem is you don't see enemy very clearly. So landing a headshot is tough task but not impossible..

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ABHISHEK NATH THAKUR - May 7, 2020 - Add Reply


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