Sleeping Paralysis, Secrets You May Not Know


What is sleeping paralysis?

The explanation may differ from one to another, if you ask someone they would tell you that it's just blood being blocked in your neck back area while you sleep lying on your back, hell no! Blood comes from the heart, not the head. While another one would tell you that it happens while you're lying on your back, so the connection between your brain and your body gets blocked in your neck back area, well.. this makes some sense, but some other people would tell you that it's a demon sits on your chest so you can't move, well this makes no sense for me.. but there's a possibility that it might be true.

How it happens?

Most of times it happens when you are lying on your back, or on one of your sides, also it happens when you're afraid, so if you're easily getting afraid, it may happen to you every night, or sometimes it happens once you think about it.

Why it happens? 

Most people believe that it happens to you just because your brain wakes up while your body is still asleep, and spiritual ones believe that it's your soul coming back to you after you've been asleep for a while, but you just don't wake up then, so it forces itself to get in you and makes you feel it, but it doesn't last for long and you wake up eventually.

But so far, no one has a healing answer for that even if we hear scientists talk about it, because there are things which are more, and being in common with sleep paralysis, like astral projection.

Is Astral Projection in common with sleep paralysis?

Yes, astral projection experiencers will know what i talk about, which means that when you are about to experience the astral projection, you will pass through sleeping paralysis, which means you can experience the astral projection if you ever had sleeping paralysis, which saves you time, and makes it completely easy for you.

Astral Projection is a mystery

Nobody knows the explanation of the astral projection so far, they experience it but they don't know what that is, is it a world separated from ours? If yes then where is that world? 

I may answer you with yes, it's a world that is - kind of - separated from ours, if you ask me again about where it is, I'd say it's in your mind, just like imaginations.. so your brain wakes up and imagines a world, which looks exactly like how you imagine it, it looks so real, you're aware of yourself while you are experiencing that, you knkw that you're not in the common world so that's not a dream, well so far we know that it's some kind of imaginations which look horribly true, but why when you experience it and you go out to the world you see real things? For example if you're astral projecting and came to me, and then you saw me playing football, then when you wake up you'll find out that i was actually playing football in that moment.. 

This means it's not in our imaginations, there's a mystery about it, which nobody will ever know.

There are secrets in life which can never be solved, no matter what kind of technologies we have, it will remain the same.

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