talking about the environment


When talking about the environment, 
we are talking about an extremely important
topic, as it does not relate to a specific
geographical spot or a specific group of people.
Positive, and in our article we will talk about
the environment in terms of definition and its
divisions, and what it is exposed to from
pollution and the causes of pollution and
its effects, the environment can be defined
as the biosphere and the living and non-living
organisms it covers and the interactions between

Sections of the environment are the natural
environment: it includes the elements that
God created and has no income for the human
being in creating or using, such as seas,
deserts, surface and underground water,
and animal and plant life.
The built environment: It is the environment
created by the human being, and it includes
the material aspect, which is represented by
clothing, means of transportation, housing,
and various tools used in their daily life,
and the intangible aspect: it is related to
the intangible habits, traditions, beliefs,
culture, ideas, manners, and values ,
And different sciences.
The human being, as he is the only being 
who is characterized by his rationality,
has a great role in preserving the environment
and interacting with it positively, which does
not harm the mother nature, but his behavior
today and with the progress of industry and
technology in all fields, takes a negative turn,
in what we call the term "pollution".

Environmental pollution is the entry of foreign substances
into the components of the environment,
and they may be chemical, physical or biological
substances. Pollutants dump solid waste on the soil.
Wastewater dumped into sea, ocean and river waters.
Burning waste in order to dispose of it.
Vehicles and factories smokes.


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