The bebefits of exercise..!

The benefits of exercise


  As students, most of us lead a restless lifestyle.  We spend most of our time in classophobic classrooms and homes.  With so much homework, assignments and exams, exercise seems like a chore.  The growing demands on us through our studies, exams and the high expectations of our parents and teachers leave us little time for joy and fun.  The need to exercise becomes a bitter swallowing pill.  However, health experts consider exercise as a prerequisite for a healthy life, a disease-free life.


  Physical exercise not only stimulates and develops muscles, it has many other benefits.  Regular exercise can prevent obesity.  When we exercise, our body burns all the extra calories that would otherwise be converted into fat and cause unwanted bulges.  Being overweight carries with it a number of other health issues, so exercise not only keeps us fit, but also keeps weight-related problems at bay.


  Exercise improves blood circulation, which in turn provides permanent nourishment to millions of cells in our body.  When there is physical exertion, the rate of breathing increases.  In this way, the blood's ability to carry oxygen increases.  At the same time, it helps the body get rid of harmful carbon dioxide.


  Exercise also relieves the stress of modern times.  The number of people suffering from insomnia is increasing.  The increasing pressure of work and study and the stress of anxiety often keep us awake at night.  For many of us, the dawn of a new day is not a joy.  Exercise can help a person get a more restful sleep.  After a good night's sleep, a tired person will be refreshed and excited.  A few hours of exercise will help you get a good night's sleep and it is a perfect, soothing balm for tired body and restless mind.


  The increase in enrichment has changed our eating habits.  We are involved in a rich diet, high calorie and cholesterol.  Medical evidence confirms the fact that exercise can significantly lower the levels of sugar and cholesterol in our bodies.  In other words, regular physical activity can actually provide relief from diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.


  There are many benefits to exercising.  A person who exercises regularly has better health and more strength than a person who does not exercise.  

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