husband killed wife!

The desire for a second marriage became a source of ruin for the house. A man named Zeeshan strangled his wife to death for not allowing a second marriage. According to details, a man named Zeeshan, a resident of Sialkot area of ​​Faisalabad, strangled his wife to death for not allowing her to remarry.

Police shifted the body to the hospital and registered an FIR and arrested the accused. Preliminary investigations revealed that Zeeshan wanted to remarry, but according to section 6 (5) of the Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961, a Pakistani man must obtain written permission from his first wife to remarry before remarrying. A man who does not seek permission to marry his first wife before remarrying and is found guilty of this crime can be imprisoned for up to one year.


This is why Zeeshan asked his wife for permission to remarry, but his wife refused to allow him to remarry, which enraged Zeeshan and he killed his wife. Police investigations have revealed that Zeeshan's first marriage was 11 years ago, but he wanted to remarry, and was asking his wife for permission to remarry.

A police investigation has revealed that a criminal named Zeeshan also used to torture his daughter. According to the investigating officer, Zeeshan took the position that his wife died of a heart attack, but later during the police interrogation, Zeeshan admitted his guilt and confessed that he strangled his wife. Killed by suffocation.

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