The Dog : Our family member

For the families that have dogs, they are not just pet animals, but a true member of our family.

How did I meet my friend dog ?

It was around 8:00 o'clock in the cold morning and it was raining cats and dogs in our street. Everyone was inside the comfort of their homes and me and my mom ran back to our house to save ourselves from getting drenched. I asked my mom to make me some chilly pakodas. It would be like heaven to have pakodas during heavy cold. The pakodas arrived and I and my father sat on the bench in our gallery having a good conversation while eating those delicious chilly pakodas. But there was meagre moaning somewhere near my house that we could bearly hear. My father and I got worried. We thought something might be wrong and went outside to check upon.

And there he was, Tiger, my pet dog and my best friend in the whole world, abandoned by someone near the rainwater drainage pipe next to our house. I could barely see puppy as cute and innocent as Tiger, shivering and fully drenched in that cold morning. I felt bad for the dog and gave my pakodas and some biscuits to him. He ate it in a matter of just few minutes. Then I and my father decided to take him home. We gave him good food and a hot shower and washed him with new cotton towel. That was one and half years back.

And ever since that lucky cold morning, Tiger is with us and he is our family now.

Why I  love my friend Tiger ?

As I'm writing this on my friend dog, Tiger is enjoying a good game of ball with my dad in the lawn area. There are many reasons why I love Tiger and one small essay on my pet dog will not be sufficient to express my love and affection for him.

  • My dog is incredibly and unconditionally loyal to me. He loves me as much I love him or sometimes more
  • He is like the best teddy bear to cuddle with
  • We always play catch outside my house or sometimes in park
  • He is the reason I'm active and good at exercise. He will never let me lazy. Whenever possible, we always keep playing some or the other games with him
  • He is the first person to be happy whenever I come back home from work. He will cuddle and lick all over my face and show me how much he missed me while I was gone

Tiger is not just our family member, he is the most clever member of our family. He will play games with us, keep all our family members together with his love and cuddles and also he keeps thieves and uninvited guests out of our home. My pet dog is the best thing ever that has happened to me in my life.

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