The Relationship between the Characteristics of the Author and his Writing

When we read a novel that is dominated by the nuances of romance, maybe some of us think that the author must be a love expert or a love expert with extraordinary seduction and words that can make their partner fly up to the clouds.  Then, when we read a novel that is dominated by the nuances of conflict, such as revenge or mafia scenes, maybe some of us also think that the author could be someone who was involved in the conflict in his past.  Or other things that are not related at all.  Is that true?

  Let's review together how the character of a writer when writing down the characters and plot in the story.  In the end, a story is still a story written by someone.

  Happy readers, of course, as a writer or writing work, it is necessary to do research or research first so that the writings they make can feel more real and as they are.  So, there is no term writing genre with the character of the author.  Never, even if some parts are written with strong emotions, it could be an experience of the author so that the reader can feel it again when he manages to write them with beautiful sentences.

Being someone who writes events with an interesting storyline is also a challenge for the writer.  So when this is successfully realized then the readers will also be anesthetized and think a lot of speculation so that the statement appears that the author is also part of the story.  Yes!  It is true that the writer is part of the story that he writes.  The author is the god of the story.  We can not widely guess the character of the author by the work they have written.  What we need to do is to continue to support the writers so that they don't stop in the middle of the story because if they stop and the readers are made to hang because the storyline has not yet found an end, then we ourselves feel angry, right?


 Presumably this is all we can discuss together for a discussion of novel writing.  Thank you for reading.

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