the world is in danger

Are we reliving the plague of the Bible? This is a thought that most people have asked and discussed at their dinner tables. Every few years we reflect on whether this is the case. If this is the end.


The anger of nature only arouses curiosity and seems to be a sign. And if you look at the last few months, this is the worst confirmation.


Literally! The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, but no tsunami alert was issued. In February, Kenyan villagers looked at the dark clouds hoping to find some respite from their fast waves. Just a few minutes later to find out it was a serious locust attack. "It was as if an umbrella covered the sky."


The ant attack engulfed Oman, damaging his government and environmentalists over where they started and when they tried to counter the Middle East in the Philippines. The volcano erupted, canceling flights and causing panic. Heavy rains and torrential rains in Pakistan's Balochistan province have broken its 200-year-old record and disrupted the district.


In places where floods are rare, heavy rains have fallen in Dubai. 3 hours of rainwater is forecast a month. Speaking of the floods, it was the worst in a decade in Indonesia, and it took away many lives and livelihoods. Extreme storms hit the deep south of the United States, and then Corona came and stopped the world. We are no longer divided into provinces or regions; the onset of the Wuhan epidemic has affected every part of the world and continues to this day.

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