What you do not know about Mohamed Salah Football player in Liverpool


Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian soccer player who has
played in the ranks of a number of major European
clubs, the most important of which is Roma, Italy and
Chelsea. He is currently playing for the English club

About Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian soccer player born in the city of Basyoun in 1992. 
Mohamed Salah grew up in difficult financial circumstances, which forced him to give up his
dream in university studies, but he did not give up and succeeded in achieving success that
reverberated throughout the world.

He started his football career at the Arab Contractors Club, after which he moved directly to
Europe to join the Swiss Basel team. After that, Mohamed Salah moved between several
Italian and English, before traveling to Liverpool, where he starred in his first season,
leading the English Premier League scorers during the first leg.

The beginnings of Muhammad Salah
Mohamed Salah was born in the village of Najrij in the city of Basyoun on June 15, 1992.

Salah grew up in a simple family, and their financial conditions were difficult, 
which affected Salah's academic life and he was unable to attend university. Of course,
Salah's passion for football arose from childhood, and showed great football talent.
So he decided to follow in the footsteps of the Egyptian football greats,
and joined one of the Egyptian clubs, the Arab Contractors Club.

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