Why Is This Copywriter Giving Away Marketing & Sales Secrets Worth $145,637 For Free?

If you’re a business owner or CEO and your business is losing in terms of productivity and sales due to the Coronavirus pandemic, then it’s probably because you’re not taking advantage of one of the easiest sales and marketing secrets in existence. 

Never fear though because I’m going to pull back the curtain and reveal all the magic you’ve been missing out on.




Ha! Forgive me for a geeky dad joke. My kids would probably wanna kill me if I told them that.So many Coronavirus jokes out there guys, it’s a pundemic!

But yeah, it’s actually not so funny considering that all this craziness has been going on for months on end now. Just a quick glance at the news, and what do you see?

“Rosen Hotels & Resorts announces ‘unprecedented’ layoffs due to COVID-19 pandemic”

“United Airlines Might Trim Nearly Half of U.S. employees”

“COVID-19 Impacts O»ahu’s Commercial Real Estate”

With all that going on, which department is cut first? Yes indeed, you and I, and everyone else knows it’s marketing. The chief marketing officer is usually the first of the C-Suite to get the axe.  As Shafqat Islam wrote in an article on the subject, “CMOs have no visibility into their marketing activities or campaigns, and no technology to unify their organizations.”

He’s right, and the Huffington Post backs his statements up with a study, which noted that “the average CMO in large U.S. firms leaves after just 4.1 years, while his or her boss, the CEO, stays around for eight. No other C-suite executive gets fired (or decides to leave) more often.”

All that’s to say that if you’re a CEO and your business is losing in terms of productivity and sales then it’s probably because you’re not taking advantage of one of the easiest sales and marketing secrets in existence.

Never fear though because I’m going to pull back the curtain and reveal all the magic you’ve been missing out on.


No Badass Marketer and Wordsmith?

Coolio, yo. Now, I’ll get to all that in just a minute, but first I want to ask you a question.

Have you seen “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?”

I guess I ought to clarify which one, because I haven’t seen the original. There’s actually a bunch of different iterations and remakes and sequels, but I’m talking about the one with Jessica Biel and Jonathan Tucker. I believe it came out way back in 2003.

Anyway, it has the classic horror movie plot where everybody ends up alone. There’s zero teamwork going on, and each individual is frozen in dread. They can’t get away and they’re picked off one by one by Leatherface.

I kinda see these kids as decision makers at various businesses and Leatherface as COVID-19. Everyone is scared to death, they’re sending their staff home to keep up with self-distancing rules, and then they’re actually just laying them off. And Covid-19 is killing their businesses one by one.

Now, these business owners and executives have nothing but fear and frustration. Maybe circumstance will slaughter them too, just like Neiman Marcus, CMX Cinemas, J. Crew, or Gold’s Gym.

And … who cares?

Who’s “in their corner?”

Who’s going to take on the challenge of getting sales back to normal? Who’s going to speak with the brand’s voice and authority? Who’s going to woo the business’s treasured customer base when everything’s gone to hell in a handbasket?

Donald Trump? Joe Biden? Congress?

You can bet that even if stimulus packages are passed from here until Doomsday, most businesses won’t benefit all that much and it won’t bring employees back into the office.

Leatherface is still waiting to put them all on ventilators.

So, here’s where I magnanimously make known something just a bit confidential.

You want to know what that is?

It’s this:

A Savvy Scribe and Marketer

You have a HUGE opportunity staring you in the face. Right now, in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, when the economy appears to be tanking … you have the opportunity to not only survive, but also thrive.

Here’s the deal …

Your customers and clients aren’t going to care that Leatherface is running around sawing everyone in half and so you really can’t deliver on your promises to have a sale at half off. They’re not going to care if your voice just went out and you just became invisible.

Neither customers or other businesses like DOING business with the weak.

If there’s anyone in your space who has more resources than you, has a louder voice than you, and is able to keep THEIR face in front of the public better than you …

You’re going to lose.

Unless, again … you have someone in your corner.

That’s where a professional, freelance copywriter comes in. Now, you might be saying, “What? That’s it? That’s the magic? That’s the opportunity? Who needs a freelance copywriter?”

Well, come this way so you can discover why hiring a freelance copywriter is a proven way to get you faster results that literally scream “value.”

By hiring a freelance copywriter you can:

  • Immediately Save Money
  • Increase Flexibility and Your Ability to Pivot
  • Guarantee That You Have Extra Office Space
  • Improve and Reduce Turn Around Times

Who Needs a Freelance Copywriter in Their Corner?

You do if your business has had to lay off its CMO, marketing director, marketing manager, marketing department, team, etc. and you’ve been forced to streamline and bootstrap.

And if you’d like to talk to somebody who actually cares, who is committed to being in your corner, and who listens, who contributes, and then delivers …


Listen, if we stick together I guarantee neither Leatherface nor Covid-19’s gonna take us down.

I’m locked and loaded. How about you?

See you on the flip side …

(Which is tomorrow. Tomorrow is the flip side in case you’re wondering. I’m probably going to write something amazing then too.)



In case you were wondering, that $145,637 price tag mentioned in the title? That’s the average salary of a marketing director in the United States. That doesn’t even take into account the cost of any benefits, medical bills, insurance coverage, and more.

Regardless of your needs … short or long-term, it’s not likely that you’ll be dishing that kind of cash out to a single, freelance copywriter!

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