Will He Ever, Stop Telling His LIES?

Supporters, and opponents of President Donald Trump, agree on very little, but, most, believe, he is unlike any of his predecessors, in recent memory! Political fact - checkers state, he has told lies, and made misstatements, at an unheard - of, rate! While his core followers, seem, to accept anything he says, and still, support him, most believe, they represent about 35% of the electorate. The same studies, seem to indicate, that, approximately, 40%, strongly oppose him, and what they believe, he represents, and stands - for. Therefore, the reality of the upcoming election, will be how, and if, the other quarter of us, either vote (or not), and who, they end - up, voting - for. Will his combination of blaming and complaining, ever - changing narratives, and tendency towards making misstatements, be effective, and help him, get reelected? Another significant factor is, since we elect our President, based on the Electoral College, instead of popular vote, a handful of voters, in, so - called, swing - states, will make the final determination. Will the public continue accepting these LIES, and will Trump, ever, stop lying? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and represents, and why it matters.

1. Listen; learn; leading; love; loser's - limp: Is lying, a sign of strength, or an indication, of some sort of loser's - limp? Instead of saying, what he believes, others want to hear, wouldn't we be, better - served, if he effectively, listened, and learned, and prioritized, leading us forward, in a relevant, sustainable manner?

2. Integrity; instincts; improve; issues: Why is integrity, so essential, in a public leader? Without it, in times of crisis, when we need the public to believe - in, and follow, such as in this recent pandemic, why should anyone (or most of us) believe, trust, and accept his focus, and emphasis? Since, this President, reportedly, is often, somewhat, disinterested, in his daily briefings (and the details), handling issues, becomes far more challenging! Trump's instincts seem to be, using his instincts, and his apparent belief, in them (rather than experts), and, this hampers, any ability to improve handling of essential matters!

3. Empathy; emphasis; esteem; excellence; endurance; enrich: Even his strongest supporters, rarely claim, Trump possesses any significant degree of genuine empathy, and the public, rarely witnesses, any evidence of it! His emphasis seems to be, on his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self - interest, rather than enriching the nation, etc! He seems to want others, to hold him, in the highest esteem, while he rarely, seems to treat the majority of us, in a similar manner! Instead of seeking, genuine excellence, he seems to be willing to accept, good - enough, often! His changing narrative, indicates, a lack of endurance, in sticking - it - out, when he is challenged!

4. Self - serving; stronger; system; sustainable; solutions: How often have you felt, he proceeds, in a self - serving way, instead of trying, to make us stronger, and better? The lack of professional planning, harms any possibility of implementing a truly, valuable system! We need future leaders, who provide, well - considered, sustainable solutions, instead of the same - old, same - old, approaches!

Will he ever stop telling his LIES? It probably depends, on what works, best for him, and whether, he feels, he benefits, by repeating them!

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